ASHIMA Disc Brake Pads, Deore, Acera, Auiga-Sintered-Steel Plate

ASHIMA Disc Brake Pads, Deore, Acera, Auiga-Sintered-Steel Plate

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Ashima Disc Brake Pads, Avid Juicy Hydro, BB7 Mech.SinteredSintered pads deliver the best wear, high temperature performance and are suitable for most hash environmentsSemi-MetalOffering the best choice for UK cross-country riders.The hard wearing compound ensures that they perform well all year round against the mud and crud that UK riding can involve.SOSHours of R&D really paid off as it enabled Ashima to understand that the best solution for an all round cold and hot disc brake would be one made up of more than one compound...SOS (Sintered, Organic, Sintered)! The low metallic Organic compound is located in the middle of the pad resulting in less heat being transferred to the brake piston. In fact the heat transfer rate is 3x less than a fully sintered pad but yet its braking performance is on a par, whats more the cold temperature performance is that of an organic pad. Hence SOS is truly a universal high performance pad that excels in all environments and all riding styles.