Konjac Sponge Baby Bath Sponge
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Konjac Sponge Baby Bath Sponge

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About this product

The purest softest 100% Konjac Sponge for baby and child. Ideal also for make up application! Ideal for every new baby and every child. No nasty chemicals or toxins for delicate porous baby skin. Gently cleans without damage. Perfect for children with sensitive skin or eczema. In fact, the sponge was originally created for babies! Its only after its discovery, did it get discovered how good the sponge is for everyone! pH balanced, means it is ideal on delicate baby skin. A new baby has still not have have all the protection he or she needs yet, and a baby's skin can absorb 5 times more chemicals and pollutants than ours, as adults. Its extra gentle texture is perfect for cleansing, so you won't have to use baby detergents that may contain unsafe chemicals. However, if you do choose to still use baby wash, then please note, you will need to use far less - again much better for baby's delicate skin, and better for the environment, as well as your pocket! THIS SPONGE HAS ALSO BEEN SNAPPED UP BY MAKE UP ARTISTS AS THE PERFECT MAKE UP SPONGE TOO!