Ion8 All Leak Proof BPA Free Unicorns Slim Water Bottle, Purple, Size 500 ml

Ion8 All Leak Proof BPA Free Unicorns Slim Water Bottle, Purple, Size 500 ml

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NO SPILLS Leak Proof Water Bottle We believe a drinks bottle must be 100% secure and leak proof, 100% of the time. When closed, hypoallergenic silicon seals the spout and vent completely. Locks closed To prevent accidental opening when carrying in a bag, Ion8 has a lid lock. Operated easily with one finger, it clicks reassuringly into place. Wide Mouth, Easy Refill A wide opening allows fast refilling without spillage and makes adding fruit or ice cubes a breeze. The soft grip in the cap and the grippy surface on the drinks bottle make twisting open easy. EASY DRINK SYSTEM Open with One Hand The flip top springs open with a single finger. Open and seal closed again in an instant. No annoying screw top, no tough nozzle, and your other hand remains conveniently free. Always Clean and Fresh The pouring spout is under a hard shell, keeping it clean, fresh and hygienic. No dirt, no wiping. Smooth, Vented Liquid Flow Most rigid water bottles are painfully slow to drink from. Soft bottles can be squeezed, but can leak. Ion8 is rigid and has a vented, smooth liquid flow. No glugging, no squeezing, no painful suction. Just effortless hydration! COMFORTABLE & SAFE Scratch Resistant, with a Carry Strap Soft touch feel outer walls provide improved scratch resistance. A tough hand strap keeps it secure. Hang it up when outdoors, or carry it with just one finger. Warm and Cold Drinks on8 is suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10C to 96C. Note: With extremely hot drinks, the bottle can be uncomfortable to hold without gloves. But it makes a great hand warmer in winter. Cup and Bike Holder Friendly The 350ml and 500ml Ion8 sports water bottles are the same size as a drinks can, and therefore fit all standard / in-car cup holders and kids' backpacks.