Cattier Secret Botanique Nourishing Day Cream 50 ml

Cattier Secret Botanique Nourishing Day Cream 50 ml

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Real softening care for dry and sensitive skin, the cream Secret Botanique protects and nourishes your skin. PROPERTIES Fragrance-free Secret Botanique cream offers genuine moisturising day care for dry and sensitive skin. Combined with organic jojoba oil, with its rebalancing and protective properties, organic sunflower extract - particularly enriched with vitamins E and F - has an anti-oxidant action, nourishes and softens the epidermis. Thanks to its lamellar structure, identical to the skin's, the DMS*, a complex of natural ingredients with exceptional moisturising properties, penetrates into the heart of the epidermis and gradually releases a cocktail of nourishing and renewing ingredients (ceramides, squalane, shea butter, etc.). The skin is thus nourished in-depth all day long and hydration** optimised. A real beauty asset, organic rose water tones, refreshes and soothes the skin. * Derma Membrane Structure **the outer layers of the epidermis Fragrance...