Rosti - Margrethe Mixing Bowl - Set of 3 - Grey

Rosti - Margrethe Mixing Bowl - Set of 3 - Grey

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Named after Queen Margrethe of Denmark, the Margrethe mixing bowl has been a kitchen icon for over 50 years. This set includes three sizes with corresponding lids, and is available in a choice of colours. Ideal for everyday cooking and baking, these practical mixing bowls feature an anti-slip ring at the base to stop them sliding on your kitchen surface whilst being used. Thanks to their melamine composition they won't chip or crack, and will retain their vibrant colour for years to come. Key features: * Set of 3 mixing bowls with lids * Material: melamine, with polyethylene lids * Capacity: 1, 2 & 3L * Grey coloured bowls * Handle and pouring lip * Heat resistant * Anti-slip base ring * Bowls are dishwasher safe, lid is hand wash only