Agraria - Bitter Orange Hand & Body Lotion

Agraria - Bitter Orange Hand & Body Lotion

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Experience the iconic Bitter Orange scent with this luxurious hand & body cream by Agraria. Blended with premium emollients, vitamin E and extracts of marine algae, which is known for its nutrient and anti-oxidant properties, this cream is a must have for any bathroom. It has been specially formulated to quickly absorb into the skin and retain vital moisture. Your skin will be left feeling soft, velvety smooth and slightly fragranced with Bitter Orange, a complex and subtle scent, it mixes notes of clove and the zest of bitter orange with just a touch of Cypress. Key features: * Scent notes: clove, bitter orange zest & a touch of cypress * Capacity: 250ml * Blended with premium emollients & vitamin E * With extracts of marine algae * Known for its nutrient & anti-oxidant properties * Specially formulated to quickly absorb * Retains vital moisture leaving your skin soft & velvety smooth