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Father's Day gift guide chosen by kids

We challenged 2 young shoppers to pick out gifts for their Dads this Father's Day

We all know Dads are the most challenging family member to buy for! So, we decided to challenge 2 young shoppers to pick out 3 gifts for their Dad for Father's Day with a £40 intu Potteries Gift Card.

From food to fashion, the intu Gift Card can be redeemed in over 70 of our stores.

First up is 11 year old Finn

He decided to go into Next and picked out a toiletry gift set (£20) as quote 'It is to make my Dad smell as cool as me'. (We can't wait to find out what his Dads reaction is!)

Next he went into Menkind and picked out 2 more gifts.  A stress ball (£5) to help with the stress of his Dad's new job and a pop-up coffee cup (£14.99), so his Dad can have a coffee on the longer commute to work (a very thoughtful gift).

Let's hope his Dad enjoys opening his gifts on Father's Day.

Next up is Poppy

She decided to go into Next also and picked out a T-shirt (£12) as her Dad loves stripey T-shirts.

Next Poppy went into Debenhams and picked some flip-flops (£23 had 20% off at the time of purchase) as they are going on a family holiday soon and her Dad needs some new ones. (A very practical choice Poppy!)

To end her trip Poppy went to Menkind and picked a pair of odd socks. Poppy's Dad loves odd socks and his nickname is 'Odge odd socks'.

We think Finn and Poppy have proven the intu Gift Card is the gift of choice as they were able to find some great gifts for their Dad's on their shopping trips which could all be purchased with an intu Gift Card.

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