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Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected wherever you are with free Wi-Fi!

Absolutely free Wi-Fi, absolutely everywhere! Did you know (or shall we say ‘did yee kna’) that our in-centre wi-fi is free to use throughout intu Metrocentre?

Please search for the ‘intu Metrocentre Free Wi-Fi’ connection in your mobile device settings.

Just log on to get surfing, shopping, sharing, streaming, liking... or whatever you fancy!

It's easy to get online, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to Settings on your device

2. Select Wi-Fi

3. Choose intu Metrocentre Free Wi-Fi’ and register with your email and phone number

Surf's up, you're now online (and next time just log on)

If you need more help just ask our lovely staff at the Customer Services Desk