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Free compost coffee for your community garden

Does your local community garden need compost coffee to be re-used as compost?

intu Metrocentre has launched a sustainability initiative to reduce the waste of leftover coffee from its coffee shops, turning it into compost.

With thousands of cups of coffee sold each week across the centre, the volume of ground coffee going to waste was significant. It was therefore a no brainer to turn the ground coffee into rich compost for our local community/charity gardens.

Research into landfill waste has found that the UK sends over half a million tonnes of ground coffee to landfill every year. Composting coffee has proven to be an effective way to reduce the waste, whilst also helping to provide a valuable source of nutrition as ground coffee provides an excellent source of nitrogen, which encourages garden growth. Simply work the compost into the soil, sit back and watch the garden grow.

We are delighted to make our first donation to Ouseburn Farm.

Please email clare.cannon@intu.co.uk if your community/charity garden would benefit from compost coffee.