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Meet Marmalade

The fun never stops with our mascot, Marmalade the woolly mammoth!

The fun never stops with our mascot, Marmalade the woolly mammoth!

Marmalade times

Marmalade will be stomping his way through the centre every Saturday at the following times:

11:00 am 12:00 pm 1:00pm 2:00pm

Don't forget you can also spot Marmalade sleeping on the lower mall near Debenhams.

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Marmalade's story

Thousands and thousands of years ago, long before shopping centres, cinemas and fancy food courts, a local herd of hairy beasts lived in Brierley Hill.

The Brierley Hill herd were a rare species of woolly mammoth, famous for their distinctive orange fur and for being the most chilled-out prehistoric animals around.

The youngest of the herd was particularly "chillaxed". One morning, when he was out foraging for food with his pals in the snowy forest, he stumbled upon a nice warm cave and couldn't resist the chance to stop for a quick nap.

Fast forward to 2018 and while making some improvements to our centre, we dug deep down underground making a shocking discovery. The young mammoth was still snoozing; he had gone into a deep, deep hibernation.

After waking him from his slumber, we instantly fell in love and decided to adopt him as our new furry friend. And because of his distinctive orange fur, we decided to call him "Marmalade".

Today, Marmalade spends his time exploring our modern world and loves nothing more than strolling around, giving big hairy hugs to our lovely shoppers!

Marmalade's sweet discounts

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