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Pit Stop Service

PIT STOP Service is all about efficiency, speed and reliability as well as time convenience, which proves to be a vital part of everybody's day to day life.

We fully appreciate how difficult it is for people to find reliable and trustworthy garage.We have made it easy and will get your car fully serviced by our highly qualified engineers  WHILE YOU SHOP.

At PitStop we offer a full car service which includes oil change, filters, brake pads check, fluids top up, electrical diagnostics for faults and many more as well as minor items like light bulbs, batteries, wiper blades.

We will undertake any costumer concerns about their car status and will try to fix/repair or advise on further action needed.

More info on pitstopservices.co.uk

Phone - 07384563001

You also can follow as on instagram - pitstopservices_london and Facebook - Pitstopservices London