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intu Lakeside outdoor gym in The Quay

If you’re looking to increase your physical activity, boost your wellbeing and take climate action in 2020, then look no further.

The intu Lakeside outdoor gym has arrived, it’s free to use and there are activities for all ages and abilities – including a wheelchair-accessible machine that generates electricity to charge your phone.

All pieces are safe and inclusive for beginners through to exercise pros:

·       Warm up and raise your heart rate on the TGO Cross Trainers.

·       Take a spin on the unique TGO Energy Hand Bike, a wheelchair-accessible cardio piece that generates electricity to charge your device (don’t forget your USB lead!).

·       Build and tone major muscle groups with the TGO Dips, Lat Pull Down, Leg Raise and Shoulder Press.

·       All TGO gym equipment comes with instructional signage, which features start and finish diagrams and QR codes to watch demonstration videos online.

·       To discover all the intu Lakeside outdoor gym equipment and access workout tools, please download the free TGO Activate App.

If you are brand new to physical activity, start with gentle sessions at a pace you can sustain. You can begin with 5 or 10 minutes, several times a week – then increase your activity to regular 30-minute sessions that boost your heart rate and circulation. Challenge yourself on the TGO Cross Trainers and TGO Energy Hand Bike, whilst maintaining a pace where you could still hold a conversation. Add in the TGO Lat Pull Down and Shoulder Press next, to build upper body strength – then when your strength is improving, you can push yourself further with the TGO Dips and TGO Leg Raise.

By making physical activity part of everyday life, you can reduce your risk of developing major lifestyle-related illnesses including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and certain cancers. Regular physical activity in the outdoors can also help to prevent and manage common mental illnesses including depression and anxiety.

TGO Cross Trainer


Designed for all body cardio workout

Built-in resistance to challenge gym users


Improves cardiovascular function Low impact for beginners to exercise

TGO Energy Hand Bike


Designed for upper body cardio workout

Charge your device by converting human power into electricity

Inclusive – accessible for wheelchair users and able-bodied people


Good for targeting people new to exercise

Cardiovascular benefits for all ages and abilities

Energy literacy

TGO Lat Pull Down/ Shoulder Press


Upper body strength workout

Moderate to challenging applications – progression piece

Multiple handles to vary activities


An excellent introduction to strength work

Popular with people who are already active too

Users can increase resistance by lifting their feet off the ground during repetitions

TGO Dips/ Leg Raise


Core, hip flexes and upper body strength For active to very active people


Adaptable progression

Builds arm and core strength over time

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