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Flip Out Haunted Halloween After Dark

The ultimate family-friendly spooky clubbing experience!

The ultimate family-friendly spooky clubbing experience!

  • Live DJ – FinlayC!
  • Halloween Costume Contest!
  • Prizes to be won!
  • 100% fun, guaranteed!

Flip Out  After Dark sessions bring a true party atmosphere to the arena, with smoke machines, light shows and super sound systems in place to keep you and your squad jumping through the night.

Price is for a 2-hour jump experience, with Halloween themed games and activities. After Dark session runs from 1900-2100 and is for customers aged 5 years and over only.

*Please note that flashing lights & haze effects are used during After Dark sessions and are not suitable for those with epilepsy or similar conditions. For further information on the effects used during After Dark sessions, please call Flip Out.

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Please read the event Terms & conditions.

Event Terms & Conditions

Please see Flip Out for all terms and conditions