Personal Stylist

Need a bit of style inspiration? If you’re looking for some top tips on how to look great then our personal stylist service will prove very helpful! It’s completely free and independent service which includes a consultation of up to 30 minutes, followed by an hour and a half of shopping with your stylist. All designed to help you find what styles, colours and cuts suit your shape, personality and budget.

For more information on our Personal Stylist service call 01708 684351 or email:

To get started, just choose one of our free packages:

‘Seasonal Update’ 2-3 hours

Approaching a new season requires an update of your wardrobe – book this package for a shop of some seasonal staples.

‘Special Occasion’ 2-3 hours

Are you going to be the Mother of Bride/Groom? A wedding guest?  Need a birthday outfit? Have a Job interview? Attending a Christmas party?  This package is ideal if you have a special occasion approaching and are in need of 1 complete outfit

‘Make me over’ 2-3 hours

Are you a new mum? Have you lost or gained weight? Approaching a milestone age? Or do you simply just want a new image? If so, book this package which also includes advice on hair & make-up

‘Work it out’ – 2-hours

This work focussed package will ensure your work wear is consistent and appropriate.

‘Smart Casual Wear decoded’ 2-3 hours

Haven’t figured out what smart casual wear is? Well we have! Book this appointment and we’ll style your smart casual wardrobe for you

Fashionista Shop’ 2-3 hours

This package is ideal for a fashion conscious shopper who wants to stay on top of the latest trends

‘Man about town’ – express package 2 hours

Ideal if you are a discerning gentleman who would like to maintain your image with a quick shop. This package is also a perfect treat for a man in your life!

 ‘Accessorize me’ 2 hours

Do you have the dress but not the shoes or perhaps the suit but not the shirt and tie? Our Stylist can help you accessorize and complete your outfit

‘Keeping up with…’ from 2 hours

If you have a teenager who loves fashion and keeping up with the latest trends this package will suit an individual or a small group of friends

Tax-free shopping

Tax-free forms can be requested in some of our stores, but why not save all your receipts and fill out the tax-free form at the airport? A much quicker and easier way to claim your tax back. Alternatively you can print off tax-free forms online.

Student Zone

Many of our stores offer student discounts - Topshop, Topman, Office and Bank are just a few. Simply ask at a customer service desk in centre for more information.

Remember to bring along a proof of Student ID to make the most of your discount!


When visiting intu Lakeside don’t be surprised if one of our members of staff approaches you to see if you need any help. It’s all part of our world class service. Our shoppers safety is our number one priority, which is why intu Lakeside operates a 24/7 CCTV operation centre wide. Coverage is for the purpose of public safety and crime reduction, where we work in partnership with Essex police.

Autism Awareness

We understand that for some people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), sensory or additional needs a visit to a busy shopping centre can be a daunting experience. To help make your visit as enjoyable as possible, intu Lakeside have been working in partnership with Treetops School and the National Autistic Society Thurrock and their teams of autism specialists, to develop a number of helpful resources for individuals with autism and their parents/carers.


We have developed a visual guide (aimed predominantly at children with ASC) and a detailed guide (aimed predominantly at parents/carer or adults with ASC ) to the centre, which aim to support you from the early stages of planning a visit, arriving at the Centre, information about the amenities and what to do in an emergency. We have also developed Hello alert cards that can be used throughout your visit at your discretion.

Visitors Code of Conduct

All of us here at intu are committed to making your experience with us as welcome as possible. Whether you’re here for shopping, treating or eating, it’s important to us that each and every one of you feels at home. With that in mind we have a few simple house rules that we hope will keep everyone happy.

Here goes…

  • Please always keep an eye on any child in your care.
  • Intimidating behaviour of any kind towards other visitors, our staff or our retailers is not acceptable.
  • If there is a hood attached to your clothing please make sure that it is worn down.
  • Animals are not allowed, unless they’re assistance dogs.
  • We don’t allow shopping trolleys in the malls other than in selected areas.
  • No dropping litter, except in the bins.
  • No leafleting, canvassing, conducting third part interviews or surveys unless we give the thumbs ups.
  • Selling goods without our go-ahead is not allowed anywhere in the mall or associated areas. Nor do we permit busking in the mall and associated areas unless agreed in advance by Centre Management.
  • Climbing or sitting on any balustrade barrier, fence or railing is also off limits, as we’d hate anything to get broken, especially you.
  • No ball games even if you are Lionel Messi.
  • Bikes, roller-blades, micro-scooter, skateboards and Heelys®  or any similar product is a no-no.
  • No swearing, shouting or use of other unpleasant language. As your mum might say “It’s not nice and it’s not clever” and she’d be right.
  • No inappropriate use of customer lifts and escalators.
  • To make sure our guests are not always tripping over film crews, we do not allow commercial filming or photography unless it’s agreed by Centre Management first. Just pop by and have a chat to sort it out. If you’re taking shots of yourself, friends or family then snap away!
  • No throwing any object within the Centre.
  • Please no running on the malls.
  • Shirts/tops and footwear must be worn at all times, except in the changing rooms of course.
  • Crash helmets should be removed upon entering the Centre even if you’re having a really bad hair day. 

    And finally… 
  • There is a strict not smoking policy and alcohol is only to be consumed in a licensed premises.
  • Electronic cigarettes are also not permitted.
  • Any act of vandalism towards property belonging to us, or our retailers, will be dealt with accordingly and the local police informed.
  • This list doesn’t cover everything and we have the right to deny anyone entry whose actions we feel are inappropriate.
  • Anyone who ignores these rules or commits a crime will be denied entry for as long as Centre Management see fit.

But to the ninety-nine point nine per cent of you who are wonderful, lovely people and wouldn’t dream of being the slightest bit anti-social, thank you for taking the time and trouble to read this. Enjoy the rest of your visit.