5 ways to make going vegan this January a breeze

Whether you're looking to save your waistline, save the environment or just save some cash, there are a million reasons why going vegan for a spell is a great idea. And in case you've not been paying attention in recent years, January is officially 'Veganuary'.

Surprisingly, Veganuary is actually a registered charity, whose sole focus is encouraging people to go vegan for the month to benefit the planet, reduce the suffering of animals and improve personal health overall. Well, the reasons are all there, but it can be intimidating knowing where to start, so we've done some research and found 5 easy ways to make going vegan super simple. 

1. Buy ready-made vegan meals (yes really!)

Becoming a vegan in 2019 shouldn't be any more difficult than opening the microwave door, and there are plenty of brands and supermarkets now providing vegan-friendly ready meals. Tesco have teamed up with Chef Derek Sarno to create ‘Wicked Kitchen’, a range of vegan- (and vegetarian-) friendly meals which need nothing more than a quick heat. Plant-based BOL create delicious veg pots, salad jars and soups that can be eaten cold or hot, and who could forget the original queen of effortless vegetarian and vegan dinners, Linda McCartney, whose range has never been tastier or her ethos more relevant.

2. Have a selection of vegan recipes to hand

It’s much easier to stick to a vegan diet (or any diet for that matter!) when you have a selection of recipes stored away on your phone for quick reference. Good Housekeeping have helpfully rounded up 30+ vegan recipes you can turn to when you’re wandering the aisles of Tesco at 7pm on a cold Thursday, and the official Veganuary website has a plethora of global-inspired vegan recipes; think Japanese gyoza dumplings with black vinegar dipping sauce and American-inspired salted caramel chocolate cheesecake slices. Y.U.M.

3. Explore what modern veganism really is

Forget stodgy nut roasts, Portobello mushrooms and dry salads, being a vegan in 2019 is exciting. Some of the most innovative restaurants in the UK today are either totally vegan or incorporate vegan dishes into the menu with pride and care. A few of our favourite London-based vegan restaurants include Club Mexicana (their barbecue pulled jackfruit tacos are a beloved signature dish), and who could turn down Dishoom’s vegan ‘full english’ breakfast?

Desperate for that katsu curry fix? We bet Yo! Sushi’s pumpkin katsu curry would give the original a run for its money. Or if you just fancy a good slice of ‘za, Pizza Express’ vegan menu is one of the most comprehensive on the high street.

4. Follow inspiring vegan social accounts

If you spend most of your free time scrolling Instagram (us too!), you’ll be delighted to hear it houses some of the best vegan social accounts there are. We follow Accidentally Vegan UK and The Vegan Kind Supermarket religiously for updates on the latest vegan food launches at UK supermarkets and restaurants. Looking for examples of what a vegan lifestyle can do for you? Plant-based beauties Ella Woodward, A.K.A Deliciously Ella, and Lucy Watson of Made in Chelsea fame are top inspiration for us (oh the glowing skin and lustrous hair!). And last but not least, we’re blown away by teenage blogger Naturally Jo’s account, which proves vegan food can be highly inventive and beautiful - cosmic smoothie anyone?

5. Don't forget to drink vegan as well!

Whether you’re partaking in dry January as well as Veganuary, or are just on the vegan train this month, it can be easy to overlook your drink choices. So we’ve made it simple and rounded up a selection of vegan-friendly soft drinks, wines and even beer.

Our top vegan-friendly soft drinks include Aqua LibraJ2O Spritz and Califia Farms cold brew coffee; Waitrose have a seriously impressive vegan wine selection (we rate this organic Nero di Troia); Ocado stock cult brewers Beavertown, who have 3 fantastic vegan-friendly beers, and you can’t really go wrong with a good cider.

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