#TrendOnTrial: Bronzed Goddess

We don’t know about you, but here at intu HQ we’re ready to ditch our jumpers and winter boots in favour of summer dresses and sandals (a plane ticket to California wouldn’t go amiss either). We need sunshine. And we need it NOW. That’s why we can’t get enough of the Bronzed Goddess trend for spring / summer. It gives you that gorgeous two-week holiday glow, even if the UK weather isn’t on side.

Last week, we showed you how to get the look in our bronzed goddess tutorial (watch the video below), and this week, we asked four beauty bloggers to show us how they’d work the trend. Here’s how they got on...


A Beauty Junkie in London @beautyjunkieldn

Bronze is pretty much my go-to colour all year round – I like warmer tones in the summer and cooler taupe shades in the winter. I'm always up for a bit of bronzing, but I don't tend to go for all-over bronze (think lips, cheeks and eyes). So I switched things up a little and paired a bronze eye and lightly bronzed cheeks with a fresh pink lippy.

This is a great way to make bronze work when your skin tone might be still on the 'winter' side of things – all over bronze without a base tan can look a bit artificial. As the days get longer and you start to catch that hint of a healthy glow, you can dial up the bronze to match.

My top tip when it comes to making a bronze look work is don't go too heavy on the shimmer – use cream, matte and shimmer textures for an overall 'bronze goddess' makeup look when you have that base tan. I would always use a matte bronzer on the cheeks, combined with a golden, shimmery shadow or brown liner and a lipstick or tinted lip balm. The best thing about this look is how low maintenance it is – perfect for summer holidays!

Fresh Lengths @freshlengths

Glowing skin is the epitome of summer so it’s no surprise that the bronzed goddess trend surfaces every year. I use bronzer 365 days a year, so this trend is one of my favourites for SS16.

I don’t like to use too much glitter or highlighter on my face as this can draw attention to blemishes. Instead, I pick bronzers that only have a little shimmer or are completely matte as these are more flattering for spot-prone skin.

I paired a nude lip with a little gold eyeshadow on the lids. Then I applied bronzer wherever the sun would naturally hit my face – to apply correctly, draw a ‘3’ shape on each side of your face, starting in the middle at the top of the forehead, round the temple, under the cheekbone and back, and along the jaw line finishing in the middle of the chin. I stuck to golden tones to create the look as these flatter my skintone the most.

This trend can be worn with any skin tone, you just need to be selective when finding the right bronzer. Paler skin needs something with more colour to avoid a muddy-looking finish – so sheer peach or a pink-toned bronzer works perfectly. If you have medium-toned skin or darker, look for golden products which are slightly darker than your natural tone for a gorgeous bronzed glow.

What Emma Did @WhatEmmaDid_

I’m a big fan of the bronzed goddess look – I love how it warms up the complexion and adds a touch of glimmer to the face. With this look, it's best to stick to a foundation base that matches your natural colour as close as possible, as the bronzer will do all the colouring and 'warming up'.

As I have pale skin and fair hair, I used a lighter, shimmery bronzer to avoid a harsh look and swept it across my cheekbones and temples. It's more about a natural tanned look here, so it's best to keep to subtle, warm bronze shades with no added blushers.

I have very small eyelids, so I needed to layer up the bronze eye shadow for it show through as bronze can be quite light and sheer. I applied a darker shade of bronze to the outer corners of my eyelids to emphasise the look even more. It’s a good idea to apply a light brown eyeliner to the lids before sweeping over the bronze eyeshadow. This adds depth and also helps to give the look staying-power.

Thou Shalt Not Covet @tsncblog

I love that the bronzed goddess look is such an easy look to recreate for everyone. It’s perfect for summer as it’s all about natural-looking, glowing skin; using bronzer and highlighter in all the right places to give you that gorgeous glow.

For this look, I mixed in a touch of liquid highlighter to my normal foundation for luminosity – this is a great way to lighten a heavy, full coverage foundation. Alternatively, you can mix in some moisturiser for a sheerer finish. A bronze or gold eyeshadow looks great on all complexions and all eye colours. I used one of my favourite products to create this look, Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze – it’s such a beautiful colour that’s easy to use. You just sweep across the lids and you're done!

I then finished the look by sweeping highlighter on my brow bones, across the highest points of my cheeks and on my cupids bow. Golden-toned highlighters work well with warmer skin tones, and pink-toned highlighters are perfect for cooler or paler complexions. As I'm on the pale side, I used a light, matte bronzer on my face, neck and chest to give my complexion a lovely sun-kissed glow. I would personally stick with a matte bronzer for a daytime look, and bring out the shimmer in the evening!

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