The top 10 NYX products every make-up obsessive should own

Just ask their 12.5 million followers on Instagram: NYX Cosmetics (pronounced “nix” and named after the Greek goddess of the night) is a make-up brand that has cult-beauty status globally.

Their products have been endorsed by every single make-up artist and beauty blogger going, bringing high quality, inexpensive make-up to the masses.

The best bit? They’re stocked in our local drugstore. Yep, make a quick dash to Boots and you’ll find everything from their famous concealer wand to long lasting lippies and killer brow pencils from just £3.

You only need to type ‘NYX’ into Instagram to see how millions of bloggers, make-up artists and all-round make-up obsessives are using their products. Here are the top 10 NYX Cosmetics buys to add to basket now...

1) The Soft Matte Lip Cream, £6

The Soft Matte Lip Cream

A blogger favourite, the Soft Matte Lip Cream gives major colour with a lightweight, moisturising feel. It smells sweet and lasts all day without feathering or drying out your pout like other matte lip products.

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2) The Slim Lip Pencil, £3

The Slim Lip Pencil

The Slim Lip Pencils come in 50 shades and have a rich, soft, densely-pigmented feel. They’re amazing at ensuring that your lip colour never bleeds, and the NYX shade range makes it easy to find a pairing for your lippy.

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3) The Matte Lipstick, £6

The Matte Lipstick

The Matte Lipsticks are great for loading your lips with plush, pigment-rich colour – and there are loads of shades to choose from. They glide on and offer a silky, matte finish that never feels dry.

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4) The Wonderstick, £10.50

The Wonderstick

If you’ve never really experimented with contouring, then the NYX Wondersticks are a great place to start. You have your dark contour shade on one end of the stick, and your lighter, highlighter shade on the other end so it’s pretty fool-proof. Then all you have to do is follow the step-by-step on the box. 

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5) The Micro Brow Pencil, £8

The Micro Brow Pencil

The Micro Brow Pencils are super pigmented, and their fine tip means you can easily control how thick or thin you want the lines and how natural or bold you want your brows to look. Add brow gel on top and it will stay in place all day.

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6) The Buttergloss, £5.50

The Buttergloss

The Butter Gloss has always been a favourite amongst beauty bloggers. The formula delivers medium coverage and is smooth and soft without the stickiness. Plus, they come in a whopping 34 shades.

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7) The Concealer Wand, £6

The Concealer Wand

It’s no secret that NYX makes stellar concealers. The Concealer Wand is lightweight yet gives serious coverage to blemishes and dark circles. It won’t move around on oily skin and it looks so natural, no one will know you’re wearing it!

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8) The Matte Setting Spray, £7

The Matte Setting Spray

The Matte Setting Spray is amazing at making sure your make-up look lasts – it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. Ideal for taking your look from desk-to-bar or keeping everything smudge-free on holiday.

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9) The Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, £18

The Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Just look at the reviews: the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette has serious kudos from beauty gurus. Each set includes eight customisable highlighting and contouring shades – and the palette is refillable so you can swap out a pan or two with Pro Singles when you’re getting low on your favourite shade.

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10) The Intense Butter Gloss, £6

The Intense Butter Gloss

The Intense Butter Gloss has the same smooth, glide-on texture and sweet smell as the original Butter Gloss, but with even more colour pay-off – so your lips are literally bursting with colour. Perfect for anyone who loves a statement lip.

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