The intu Black Friday survival guide

We reveal how to get through the biggest shopping day of the year while enjoying the best bargains around. From money-saving advice to failsafe foodie tips, our handy guide is a must-read before you head to the stores and enjoy a spot of stress-free retail therapy this Black Friday.

Get set to shop

To help you stay one step ahead of the rest we have compiled our Black Friday ‘Survival Guide’:

Stage 1: Preparation – Get Organised

  • Budget

    Fight the temptation to buy the entire store by setting yourself a budget and making a list. Easy enough right? Well, that’s step one. The second (and hardest step) is sticking to it.

  • Research

    On top of budgeting, you can save some extra pennies and feel extra smug about your Christmas purchases by checking out the latest offers at

  • Have a backup

    Nobody wants to win the race to the till only to find the card machine is broken. Save yourself the agony and bring some back up cash – just in case.

  • Find a friend

    If you don’t feel like going at it alone then why not bring someone along with you? After all, studies have shown that 65% of shoppers find the experience less stressful when they take a friend.

  • Dress for the occasion

    Survival of the fittest! Banish zips, fringes and anything that may run the risk of clinging to a sales rack and/or person – this will only slow you down!

  • Less is more

    Wear something extra comfy with minimal fuss so you can dahs in and out of changing rooms with ease.

  • Stay connected

    Smartphone at the ready. Make sure it’s fully charged the night before as you never know when you may need to phone a friend for an opinion on a major fashion dilemma. Plus, you’ll be able to use our super-fast free Wi-Fi to keep up to date with the offers uploaded to this page.

Stage 2: The Big Day

  • Start the day right

    There’s nothing worse than shopping on an empty stomach. Beat the hunger pains by fuelling up with a big breakfast. That way you’ll have all the energy you need to take on the sale racks and win.

  • Go on, treat yourself

    After trying on that top in every colour, dodging unwanted familiar faces and balancing an ungodly amount of shopping bags on one arm, you’ll have worked up quite an appetite. Why not treat yourself to a much deserved break?

  • Stay hydrated

    Think of Black Friday as an extreme sport. Like an athlete, one must stay hydrated in order to ensure optimum levels of performance on the playing field (sorry, we mean shopping floor). Have a bottle at hand because you’ll need water and plenty of it.

  • It’s not all bad

    So maybe you didn’t get that dress you were dreaming of? Not to worry. Make up for it with a good meal and a chinwag with a friend. That dress will be but a distant memory.

Stage 3 – The Aftermath

  • Catwalk time

    Now you’ve bagged yourself a bargain, you’re totally licensed to saunter down your living room proudly displaying your new look. Grab an audience (nearby unsuspecting family or friends), put on some music to set the scene and get ready to turn heads.

  • Kick back

    Even athletes have to stop for a breather after a big game. After all that calorie burning while shopping, you owe it to yourself to kick back and relax…until the next shopping spree, anyway.

  • Sharing is caring

    Some deals are just too good not to share! With an audience of fellow shoppers at your fingertips, why not tweet/Facebook your favourite and proudest purchase. We love seeing your shopping snaps! Warning: we will not be held accountable for causing high levels of bargain-envy.

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