The best balms, scrubs & treatments for dry lips

Whether it’s the freezing cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer, we know that lips can often suffer the hardest and that’s why we can never leave home without our favourite lip balms at hand. Combating chapped lips and rehydrating them is something we need from our beloved brands, but we've also got our eye on the latest craze: lip masks. These gel formulas plump up lips, giving them an unrecognisable makeover, ready to wow all your followers. 

From popular and purse-friendly EOS lip balms to the lip masks Kim Kardashian uses for her incredible selfies, we've rounded up the best lip balms and lip scrubs to revive that pout. And no, they don't cost a small fortune. Pucker up! Here are our top ten lip treatments...

1. EOS visibly soft sphere lip balm


The iconic sphere design is more than just a nourishing balm, it’s a stylish accessory that we can’t live without. Will it be sweet mint or coconut milk? For under a fiver and with so many EOS lip balm flavours to choose from, you can have one for every day of the week.

2. KNC all natural collagen-infused lip mask

You may have noticed Kim Kardashian and Emma Stone posting Instagram images of themselves with a rather ridiculous lip mask on. No, they weren’t part of a prank show, these two stars were trying out the latest in home lip treatments. From KNC, the collagen lip masks are a natural way to plump your lips. The deep-conditioning formula hydrates lips and ups the ante on your selfie pout game. Mwah!

3. Pat McGarth lip fetish lip balm

Pat McGarth’s Lip Fetish lip balm is rich with antioxidants and an anti-ageing formula that will leave your lips full of moisture and oh-so-kissable. Don’t believe us? This lip balm is a firm favourite of Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah to name a few. Get it while you can! It’s limited edition and often sold out.

4. Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm

If only award-winning balms will do then say hello to Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel. Conditioning plant extracts, antibacterial honey and nutritive shea butter blend to restore moisture and it’s even been tested in cold conditions such as Canada! Think of it as rehab for your lips.

5. Glossier Balm Dotcom

A cult favourite, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is the multipurpose lip balm/skin salve that nourishes dry skin. Is it a lip gloss? Is it a lip balm? Well, it's both and more! The hydrating waxy texture comes in six different flavours, including Birthday for a little shimmer.

6. Tony Moly kiss kiss lovely lip patch

Used by Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba, this lip patch is filled with vitamin C, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry extract, as well as natural collagen to support skin structure and elasticity. Place over the lips for 20 minutes for a pout that will be trending online in no time.

7. Kiko lip scrub

By Kiko, this gentle lip scrub softly exfoliates, leaving skin supple and hydrated. The convenient stick means you can keep it close for holidays and weekends away. £5.90? We’ll take two!

8. Bioaqua hydrating lip mask

From Korean beauty brand Bioaqua, this lip mask takes regular lips and transforms them into bouncy, plump wonders. The clear pink gel patch works in ten minutes. In the meantime you can take some funny snaps of the process, before revealing your new lips on a night out.

9. Caudalie lip conditioner

Once you try this lip balm you’ll never go back, trust us! It repairs damaged lips as anti-oxidant ingredients protect the skin throughout the day, so you won’t keep reaching for your balm over and over. The best bit? It’s only £5.50 and lasts forever (well, almost!).

10. Sephora lip mask

Okay, so you’ve probably guessed by now that lip masks are huge right now and we’re massive fans. You can join the hype with this replenishing leave-on version from Sephora. These sheet masks make lips look younger in minutes. You’re welcome!

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