Forget unicorn homeware it's all about the sloth now

Have we ever mentioned how much we love all things unicorn? It’s a lot; they’ve pretty much taken over every aspect of our lives from make-up to homeware. But as much as our love for them is strong there’s a new creature taking over the homeware scene, step aside unicorns and make some room for sloths.

Sloths are an animal we can totally relate to; adorably cute and just as laid back and lazy as us. So when we noticed the new trend for sloth homeware, we took note.

From cushions to mugs and bedding to bunting, everyone from Primark to ASOS have got sloth homeware. So we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best and most adorable sloth homeware to add to your home now, starting from just £3.50. No excuses needed.

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