This app will change the way you dine out, forever

We’ve lost count of how many hours we’ve spent waiting for the bill at restaurants – awkwardly shuffling between trying to hold a conversation with our friends and eyeballing the waiter. But leave it to Mastercard to come up with a genius solution with the launch of their brand new Qkr! app.

It basically allows you to pay for food, drinks and anything else that takes your fancy on the menu directly from your phone. To use it, all you have to do is download the Qkr! app to your smartphone and register your details.

When you arrive at a Qkr! restaurant – Wagamamas, ASK Italian and Zizzis are registered with the app so far, with Carluccio’s coming soon – you just have to check into the location and share your table code with your server.

After you place your order, your bill will automatically appear in the app so you can pay whenever you like – no hanging around for the waiter to walk past! And the best bit? You can easily split the bill in seconds. All you have to do is share your table code with your friends and select the items that you ordered.

You pay with a simple tap using your pre-registered card details and you can also have Qkr! email you a receipt to your pre-registered email for peace of mind.

Ready to give it a go? Download the Qkr! app

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