Oh...My...God! Primark just dropped a Friends-themed homeware collection

Fans of the 90s sitcom, Friends, hold on to your lobsters because high street store Primark have just released an entire home collection devoted to THE show of the nineties.

Following the release of the store’s popular Friends-themed pyjamas and T-shirts earlier this year, the new range, starting at just £4, includes everything from Central Perk branded coffee mugs and tin candles to duvet covers and photo frames. Race you down the homeware aisle...

Phoebie and Rachel jumping, hysterically

Thermal mug £5, fleece throw £6, Friends cushion £5

Keep cosy with a fleece throw, a Central Perk cushion and a thermal mug full of your fave beverage to keep you going while rewatching the entire box set of Friends.

Friends double duvet set £18, Friends pyjama set £6

Emblazoned with everyone’s fave logo, the double duvet cover set is a must-have especially for slumber parties *grabs pyjamas*.  

Friends tin candles, £2 each

Should there ever be a power outage these tin candles, which are each decorated with a memorable quotes from the series, come in handy when sharing weird stories with friends to pass the time.

Central Perk coffee mug candle £7, Friends photo frame £4

Decorate pictures with the same frame that adorned Monica and Rachel’s door peephole, and set the mood with the Central Perk coffee mug candle.

Friends cookie jar, £12

If you had to, which would you give up, friends or food? Luckily you can enjoy both with this Central Perk branded cookie jar. Just because Joey doesn’t share doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Central Perk XL mug, £6

Of course coffee mugs are included in the range. Now we don’t have to wait hours for Rachel to serve a cup o’ joe, because she’ll probably give you someone else’s order anyway.

Friends espresso mugs £5, tea towels £5

Enjoy a shot of Friends nostalgia with these adorable espresso mugs, perfect for a quick pick-me-up before heading out.

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Image credit: Primark, GIPHY

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