You'll never guess what Nando's has just launched...

When you think of Nando’s one thing comes to mind. No, not chicken - PERi-PERi sauce. From mild to hot and even XX hot, Nando’s sauces have become as famous as their legendary chicken, so  we're thrilled to see they've announced they're releasing a new one!

Introducing the new Coconut & Lemon PERi-PERi sauce; a fresher and on-trend addition to the existing ‘medium’ heat sauce (coconuts are still v.on-trend don’t you know), Nando’s stated, “we’ve added a dash of creamy, smooth coconut milk to our signature sauce to create a uniquely Mozambican flavour with a little zesty twist of lemon, a hint of garlic and, of course, our PERi-PERi chillies.”

There’s no word yet on exactly when and where it’ll be available (we’re thinking soon, and in most supermarkets), so in the meantime, cheeky Nando’s anyone?

Image credit: Nando’s

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