LUSH’s new spring collection is a technicoloured dream

What did we do before LUSH? Famed for their inventive and super fun approach to skincare, there isn’t a woman out there who hasn’t coveted their fizzing bath bombs and gloriously gloopy face masks. We think they can do no wrong, and their latest technicoloured collection is evidence of that. Think purple shower cremes, rainbow bath bombs and much more. Welcome to the weird, but wonderful, world of LUSH...

The weird, but wonderful, roundup

Metamorphosis bath bomb

Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance of this little gem. Upon hitting the water, the grey, lumpy Metamorphosis bath bomb fizzes away furiously, revealing vibrant orange, yellow, pink and green colours hidden within. Combined with a spicy black pepper, myrrh and cinnamon leaf scent, it’s definitely not your usual bath bomb.

Bunch of carrots bubble bar To fill your bath with an overdose of scented bubbles, just hold a carrot under the running tap and a cloud of bubbles scented with lemon, grapefruit and bergamot is unleashed. The perfect antidote to Easter overdose? We think so.

Yummy mummy shower cream

Just in time for Mother’s day (hint hint!), LUSH brings us a powerfully purple shower creme. Infused with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, and Brazilian orange and geranium oils, Yummy Mummy will make your morning shower that bit more interesting and decadent. Oh and don’t worry, as cool as it would be, there’s no lavendar tint left after.

Flopsy face wash jelly

LUSH's Flopsy face wash jelly is blended with hydrating almond oil, brightening carrot infusion and uplifting lemon oil, making a luxe upgrade to your daily beauty regime, but that’s not why we’re obsessed. We’re obsessed because it’s a rabbit face mask! Simply wet the mask, stroke over your face and voila, squeaky clean and smiling in record time.

Experimenter egg

This isn’t your typical bath bomb. Sweetly scented with vanilla and tonka bean, when thrown into the bath, the Experimenter egg explodes into a psychedelic swirl of rainbow colours. Oh and did we mention that it’s got popping candy blended into it? That’s right - fizzy, sweet and fun all rolled into one. That’s bathtime perfection right there.

Chocolate lip scrub

Our chocolate cravings come on strong over Easter, so LUSH chocolate orange lip scrub is guaranteed to give us that instant sugar fix. Blended with loads of moisturising essential oils and grainy caster sugar, use your finger to swirl over your lips for a revitalising effect.

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