Primark just dropped their 2018 Love Island collection

Love Island fever is well and truly upon us; we’ve been avidly stalking the new Islanders on Instagram and cancelling all our plans for the next eight weeks, no exaggeration.  If, like us, you were struck down with Love Island fever last year then you’ll remember Primark dropping a selection of Love Island slogan tees which went viral. Well, they’ve only gone and done it again this year with a whole collection of Love Island merch.

The 26-piece collection has arrived just in time for the start of Love Island 2018 and it’s 100% our type on paper. It’s got literally everything - including PJ’s, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, bags, swimsuits, homeware, keyrings, socks, flip flops, a towel and even a travel pillow. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff.

Our favourite picks from the collection are definitely the PJ sets and the ‘I’ve got a text’ t-shirt - we’ll take both please. In true Primark fashion prices start from just £1.50 so you can totally afford to buy everything. The collection lands in selected Primark store on Monday 4 June, the same day as Love Island starts. Coincidence? We think not. Don’t judge us, but we’ll be queuing up outside the nearest Primark to buy the whole lot.

Images: Primark

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