How to get Love Island-worthy hair, eyelashes and skin

The Love Island girls manage to make poolside-glam look effortless and easy; their hair, lashes, make-up and nails are always on point in the villa.

Sadly, they’re remaining tight-lipped about how they maintain their looks in the villa but we’ve done some detective work and have found some great advice on how to get Love Island levels of glam - as well as some great products you can snap up from Superdrug. You’re welcome.


We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty envious of the Love Island girls’ luscious locks. And while most of them have hair extensions, we can still take some advice from them in order to get our own natural hair Love Island-worthy.

Protect your hair

It isn’t just your skin which needs protecting from the sun, hair can be damaged by UV as well as chlorine and salt water. Be sure to use a product like the Ultrasun UV hair protector, which defends hair against UV damage. If you’re hitting the pool or taking a dip in the sea make sure to thoroughly wash your hair afterwards as chlorine and salt water can dry it out.

To keep your hair in tip top condition like the Love Island girls, be sure to use a deep conditioning hair masque regularly (every week is ideal); we love the Superdrug coconut water hair masque which is infused with coconut and gives intense hydration. If you have blonde hair, sun can turn it brassy so be sure to use a purple shampoo to counteract brassiness; the Bleach London silver shampoo is a great cheap option which packs a punch.

Keep frizz at bay

Heat means frizz. Fact. Luckily, Olivia Attwood from last year’s Love Island has some handy tips: she swears by using heat protection spray, straightening your hair so it’s sleek and smooth then using a good serum to lock the smoothness in place. We recommend this Moroccan Argan Oil serum from OGX, it’ll add shine and hydration to hair and protect it from UV damage; plus, it smells great and is budget friendly.

Invest in extensions

If you really want long hair but growing it out is just taking too long, extensions can be a great way to change up your style. Whether you opt for bonded extensions or removable clip-in ones, it’s important to make sure they match your existing colour and fit in with your natural length.

Celebrity hair stylist Noushin spoke to OK! about how to make sure your extensions work for you - “If you have short hair naturally, opt for mid-length extensions that aren’t so dramatically different (from your natural hair) to help them blend better. We always recommend clients not to go more than double the length of their natural hair for best results.”

Care for your extensions properly

If you’ve invested time and money into hair extensions, the last thing you want to do is ruin them on holiday. Avoid chlorine and saltwater where possible as it can make your extensions dry, tangled and discoloured. If you do get in the pool it’s important not to stay in there too long; chlorine can damage the bonds which means the lifespan of your extensions will be shorter. Make sure to shower immediately after a dip in the pool to wash out any chlorine.

To keep your extensions soft and healthy, use a leave-in conditioner and a UV defence spray. Opt for looser styles to avoid pulling on the extensions; it’s defo best to avoid french braids and messy updos if you have extensions.  


Every girl on Love Island has enviable lashes, but we’re pretty sure they’re all extensions. Lash extensions were made for summer, they’re the perfect hassle-free way of looking perfectly Disney-like everyday for up to 4 weeks. Plus, you can get lash extensions at some Superdrug stores!

We’ve all seen the video of Dani Dyer blow-drying her lash extensions and thought she was mad, but according to lash technician, Joanne McGovern, who spoke to The Evening Standard it’s a thing. The warm air helps to set the lashes back in place after getting them wet and give them a more fluttery appearance. If you want to copy Dani’s unique beauty hack, just be careful not to have the hair dryer too hot as it could melt the glue on the lashes.  

If you don’t want the fuss and upkeep of semi-permanent lash extensions but want the Love Island look for one night only, opt for individual false lashes instead. Last year Camilla Thurlow apparently applied individual lashes every morning, we reckon she might’ve used something like the Eylure knot free individual false lashes; seems like far too much effort to us...


A tan is a must-have for the Love Island girls and the boys, and no Love Island-worthy beauty look is complete without one. If you’re planning on catching a natural tan make sure to be vigilant with SPF, we love the Superdrug tan stimulating sun cream which gives protection but also speeds up the tanning process. To prolong your tan make sure to keep skin well moisturised or use a tan prolonging after sun like the Piz Buin tan intensifying aftersun.

But if you don’t fancy roasting yourself in the sun all day long, opt for a faux glow instead. Laura Anderson confesses she’s been using fake tan everyday in the villa and that her tan isn’t real at all! She had us fooled. Her top tip for avoiding the fake tanning disaster of orange hands is to mix the tan with some moisturiser and use cotton wool to get the right blend on your hand.

We have it on good authority that the Islanders are using Cocoa Brown 1 hour mousse in the villa, but if you don’t want to commit to a full-on fake tan we recommend the Bondi Sands GLO one day tan, which gives you a great colour but washes off in the shower; commitment free.

Image: Instagram @geesteelx, Superdrug

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