This visual search is a shopping game changer - here's how it works

We've all been there. You're scrolling through Instagram or walking down the street and see someone wearing a coat/pair of boots/dress you simply have to have, but don't have the courage to ask where it's from. Well worry not, the fashion gods have answered your prayers, courtesy of our visual search. 

How does it work? Happily, it's incredibly simple; just take a picture or screen shot of the outfit you love, click on the camera icon and upload the image then voilà! You'll be shown a range of products from over 500 stores that match what you've uploaded, or make perfect alternatives. Need more information? Read our simple by step below. 

How to use visual search

Step 1

Visit and tap on the camera icon. 

Step 2

Choose from either 'Take Photo', 'Photo Library' or the 'Browse' options to upload a photo you've taken or a screenshot you've saved, from Instagram, Facebook or any other website you love that has great outfit inspiration. 

Step 3

Your image will instantly appear and you'll see loads of products that either match or closely match each item in the image - from jumpers to trousers and shoes. 

Step 4

Found the perfect match? Simply tap the product and you'll be taken to the store or brand's website to purchase - simple.

Happy searching everyone! Loving what you're seeing? Tell us what you think and tag intuShopInsider on Facebook, and @intu on Twitter and on Instagram.

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