Beige is back & here are 7 non-boring ways to wear it

Beige? Boring? We beg to differ. In a year that has been overrun with animal prints, clashing patterns and fluorescent brights, the politest of hues is now serving as a breath of fresh air, allowing us to sartorially sober up and go back to basics. The sandy shade is the ultimate epitome of minimalist chic, and has been seen amasse on SS19 runways of fashion giants like Balmain and Burberry to name but a few, proving that beige is making a comeback as this year’s biggest power colour.

And the best thing about the creamy tone? There’s a huge spectrum of shades that can be played with, plus, it’s universally flattering. But how do you wear beige in real life without looking bland, we hear you cry? From mixing and matching shades to playing with textures and adding a pop of colour, here are 7 ways to wear the hue that are anything but boring…

The beauty of neutrals? They always look good together, and the colour spectrum is wider than you think; from ivory to camel and grey you needn’t worry if pieces aren’t all the same shade. Matching variations of cool and warm tones will add dimension and depth to an outfit and keep it from looking flat.  

Maximum impact with minimal effort, going head-to-toe beige is a fast-track ticket to looking sexy, sophisticated and ultra elegant. With everything from chunky knits and linen trousers to utilitarian jumpsuits and satin numbers in the hue, there’s so much to play around with.

Amp up a tonal look with different textures. Whether it’s a cotton T-shirt tucked in linen trousers or a cashmere jumper teamed with a satin skirt; the more contrasting the fabric, the more it highlights the qualities of each piece. In this case, opposites really do attract.

Black, white and beige. Separately each colour is smart but when you put them together, it’s a match made in heaven. Oatmeal and milky hues will give off some major summer vibes, while beige teamed with black can be edgy and striking because of the contrast, plus, it can make a chic desk-to-dinner ensemble.

Does going out head-to-toe in latte seem a little daunting? Accessorizing with some well-chosen items in the earthy shade is the perfect way to test drive the trend. A pair of cute sandals, a bag or even something as simple as a belt is a safe way to dip your toes in the beige colour pool.

You can’t beat a classic trench coat. The timeless trans-seasonal wardrobe staple goes with everything, and is one of the few wardrobe items that is suitable for both casual and smart occasions. The ultimate investment piece comes in a variety of shapes and colours, and can be styled in multiple ways: undone, knotted or belted for a cinched silhouette. Instagram-ready in 3..2…

Because beige is considered a neutral, it looks good with any colour – basically, think of it as a blank canvas. Whether it’s worn with a neon piece, animal prints or your favourite pastel shade, adding a drop of colour to the palette is a surefire way to polish any on, or off-duty look. Blush and beige? Check and check.

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