This is how to create your own emoji

We’ve all been there; scrolling through our keyboards in search of the perfect emoji only to find it doesn’t exist *insert crying face*. Well, no more! You can now submit your own emoji proposal to Unicode, the company behind everyone’s fave poop emoji.

What to submit

Unicode mostly judges your emoji on compatibility, expected usage level, and distinctiveness – so make sure yours fits the bill. We’re thinking cute animals and yummy food (where’s the dumpling emoji at?).

What not to submit

Unicode has no time for overly specific emojis (so no gingerbread lattes) or ‘open-ended’ emojis, e.g. purple cars when there’s already a red one. Logos, brands and specific people are also out, so tiny Ryan Gosling is sadly a no-go.

How long will it all take?

It’s going to take around a year and a half for your emoji (if successful!) to hit the keyboard – but good things come to those who wait, right?

Race you to the submittal page

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