The party season guide to false lashes - from DIY to salon professional

Party season is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to have a little fun and experiment with your look! Whether you’ve tried them before or not, false lashes give instant impact and, trust us, are worth the time and investment. Not sure where to start? Our guide to false lashes, from do-it-yourself strip lashes to professional lash extensions, will get you ahead.

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DIY false lashes

What are false lashes?

The false lashes you buy and apply yourself are disposable one-use pieces, perfect for a special night out or trialling a new make-up trend. Affordable and varied, there’s a huge range available, from thick, glossy strip lashes to more natural individual lashes. Applied with eyelash glue, tweezers and a steady hand, they’re fun to experiment with and instantly brighten your whole complexion.

What are the types of lashes available?  

What isn’t available more like?! Boots alone has 10 pages of false lashes to choose from! The majority available on the high street are made from firm, long-lasting synthetic fibres, so all that’s left to choose is which style you’d like.

What’s the application process?

While it may take a couple of attempts, applying strip lashes is NOT as difficult as it seems, and most lash kits come with everything you need. Cosmopolitan have an amazing step-by-step guide perfect for beginners, or if you’re an old hand in search of some new false lash hacks, Buzzfeed have an amazing list; number 13 is genius!

What’s the maintenance?

Strip lashes are generally only designed to last one or two nights at the most, so our maintenance advice would be try and avoid situations that’ll make you cry or get you wet! There goes your visit to Thorpe Park then...

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Professional lash extensions

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are single strands of fibre that are carefully placed by a trained technician either between or on top of your natural lashes. You can opt for either individual lashes or cluster lashes, which have multiple ultra-fine fibres per lash, and create a voluminous effect. Why get them done professionally? Malkeet Kour-Singh, manager of the Blink Browbar in Selfridges, intu Trafford Centre, says, “The benefits of getting your lashes professionally done are many; you get voluminous, longer lashes that last up to 4 weeks, you don’t have to wear mascara day-to-day, and you can pay to have individual lashes filled in every 2-3 weeks if needed.”

What are the types of lashes available?  

There are many different types of lashes available, which vary in material, curl and thickness! Here’s a quick guide:


Silk - The most common type of fibre used for false lash extensions, silk lashes are ideal for those with weak natural lashes as they won’t weigh them down

Cashmere - As light as silk and as glossy as mink, cashmere lashes are perfect for those who want a more glamorous look everyday

Mink (real or synthetic) - Mink lashes are most popularly known as the lash of choice for the Kardashians! They create a glossy finish and are fairly durable

Synthetic - Generally made from acrylic, synthetic lashes are firmer than mink but don’t have the same staying power or natural look

Curl, thickness & length:

The curl, thickness and length of the lashes you are able to get is dependant on the condition of your existing lashes and why you want them. Ranging from J (natural with a slight uplift) to D (dramatic, full upwards curl), the curl of your lashes can greatly affect the overall look, and similarly, the thickness (0.10 to 0.30) and length (8mm to 15mm) will dictate whether these are everyday lashes or for a special occasion.

What’s the application process?

Lash extension treatments last up to 2 hours, and you’ll need to take a patch test 24hrs before. Firstly your lower lashes are covered with a gel patch and the top lashes primed to remove any leftover makeup. Your lash of choice is dipped lightly in glue, swept along one of your natural lashes to coat it, and then placed on top. The extension will stick to your natural lash and is sealed on within seconds. 

What’s the maintenance?

Malkeet says, “How long your lashes last depends on the quality of the lashes and the technician’s skill, but also how well you look after them. Don’t get them wet for 24hrs after application, always use an oil-free makeup remover (the oil loosens the glue and takes the lashes off quicker) and brush them daily with a unused mascara brush.” 

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