This hair serum claims to banish frizz - so we tested it in the Dubai desert

While we’re all about the summer season (long evenings, Aperol Spritz and park picnics anyone?), but there are a few things we don’t appreciate that come with the warm weather, and one of the worst is frizzy hair - bit dramatic but it’s true!

We’ve searched high and low for the ultimate frizz fixer, and happily, we think we’ve found it in Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

So how did we become so sold on this spray? Because we tested it in the desert, obviously. We roped in all-round babe and frequenter of Dubai, Dimitra Demetri, and asked her to take Color Wow’s award-winning formula on holiday with her to test its performance. Here’s her verdict:

“Hands down, this is the best anti-frizz, anti-humidity hair product I’ve ever used. I love a sleek, straight look, and usually when I land in Dubai, I can literally see my hair curling as I step off the plane. I used Color Wow’s Dream Coat the day before I arrived and continued to use it for the next few days, and my hair stayed smooth, frizz-free and hydrated in Dubai’s ridiculous 40c+ heat. It's kind of amazing.”

Consider us sold then.

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Image credit: Decider

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