We finally know the secret behind Blake Lively's perfect faux glow

He’s the mastermind behind the gorgeous tans of celebrities including Blake Lively, Pixie Lott, Sienna Miller, Bebe Rexha and Millie Mackintosh (to name just a few) and now Jules Von Hep has launched his own amazing 100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free tanning brand - Isle of Paradise.

Jules is a self-professed ‘giver of glows, pioneer of feel good and champion of body confidence’ and we chatted with him to find out all the tricks of the trade - you’re welcome…

Jules' tan tools

What are the tools everyone needs to get the perfect tan?

1. Fake tan. Duh! Of course, Isle of Paradise Prep It and Self Tan Water/Mousse/Drops are great.

2.Body scrub. Go for an oil-free scrub to prep - Soaper Duper is great or you could make your own using sugar, lemon and water. 

3. Moisturising body lotion. I like an Aloe Vera based lotion or The Body Shop Body Butter is good. Apply generously!

4. Micellar water. Make-up remover wipes soaked in micellar water are great for removing self tan on the hands. 

5. Lip balm. Apply to eyebrows and fingernails while tanning to avoid patchy brows and nail beds. 

6. Pressed powder. IT Cosmetics Blur Powder is great to set your tan with afterwards. 

Jules top tanning tips 

5 top tips for the perfect tan?

The key to a perfect self-tan is prep, prep, prep! The more prep you do, the more natural your tan will look AND the longer it will last…

1. Exfoliate. This is easy and cheap to do at home with a mix of sugar and lemon juice- lemon naturally makes the skin more alkaline, whilst sugar gently buffs away skin cells for an even surface.

2. Balance the PH of your skin. This is essential for an even, non-streaky finish. Using Isle of Paradise Prep Spray – spritz gently all over face and body with no need to blend. Whilst this is drying, apply moisturiser to your hands, knees, elbows, ankles and, if you’re fair, your hairline too. Lastly, take a cotton bud dipped in moisturiser and gently go over your eyebrows.

3. Start from your ankles. Whichever texture of tan you choose to use, always start from the ankles (not the feet, these come last!) and work your way up to the chest. Always apply your tan in sweeping motions over the body – never circular - this ensures that product is distributed evenly.

4. Apply two coats to body and one to face. Start at the ankles and work your way up, by the time you get there your lower half will be dry enough for the second coat.

5. Use left over tan for hand and feet. Use what’s left on the mitt and remember to wipe in between fingers and over finger nails with a damp cloth or make up wipe after application. Lastly (my favourite trick of all) – hang a towel onto the back of your door and rub your wrists together, this removes those pesky telltale tan lines!

Jules on celebrities

What inspired you to create your own tanning collection?

I just couldn’t find self-tanning formulations that could deliver the look I wanted to achieve on my client’s skin – so I had to create my own. I then felt it was my upmost duty to create a brand that celebrates body confidence, that worships you for who YOU are (which is exactly how I treat my clients – we are all brilliant, whatever shape, skin-tone or sex we are).

Have you picked up any hacks or tricks from your celebrity clients?

Yes! When you’re working with A-List who travel, they themselves pick up amazing tips from other make up artists– one of my clients taught me how to dry the tan quicker using a hairdryer on cool, another taught me about setting it with a translucent powder to lock that colour in during the tans development.

How do you give your clients the VIP service?

I’ve been tanning for over 10 years, I’ve perfected the treatment from the moment my client opens the door to the moment I leave them – they will feel like a million dollars. It’s not just a spray tan, it’s an experience. Yes, they leave with the best spray tan of their life – but we also talk life coaching, intentions, relationships – I’m like a therapist who just happens to be your spray tanner too!

Jules on body confidence

Positive body image is important to you, how do you make sure your brand reflects this?

The word sexy is 100% banned in our office. I also don’t believe in using the word ‘size’ to describe someone’s body – lets get this straight: size is for shoes, shape is for body. At Isle of Paradise we love you for you, every scar, every bump, every wobble – we are here for you.

Do you think a tan boosts confidence?

Absolutely! A tan is the cloak of confidence; it’s your second skin. Eyes look brighter, teeth look whiter and life just feels that bit better. I am the eternal optimist who just wants to make others feel better, and if a tan takes you up a notch on the positive chart then glow for it.

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