Everything you need to know about K beauty, the latest cult beauty trend

From salmon eggs to snail slime and donkey milk, K Beauty is the most bizarre beauty trend we think we’ve ever come across - and we’re half grossed out, half intrigued.

So what is K Beauty?

Short for Korean Beauty, the products come all the way from Korea and are quite frankly weird AF - but that hasn’t stopped people jumping on the bandwagon; word on the K Beauty street is that rubbing cheese on your face will make you look fresh, rejuvenated and basically flawless. Yes, really.

What’s the Korean skincare ethos?

While we use makeup to highlight our best features and hide imperfections, in Korea the focus is more on ensuring your skin is so immaculate that you can forgo makeup all together. Like, why didn’t we think of that?!

Which celebrities love K Beauty?

Many a celeb have jumped on the K beauty perfect-skin-train; Emma stone used a collagen-infused lip mask before the 2017 Golden Globes, saying it made her lipstick stay put all night - genius. Lady Gaga claims she too owes her plump pout to the collagen lip jelly (no needles required) and Chrissy Teigen can’t seem to board a plane without a sheet mask. Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore and Maisie Williams are yet more K beauty fan-club names we’re going to drop. Convinced yet?

What are the key products to buy?

Snail wrinkle care sleeping pack night cream, £21

If you wore pedal pushers and adored the Spice Girls then it’s probably time for a night cream. This snail filtrate and fruit oil cream brightens lacklustre complexions with ease. Who knew we had this skin-saving stuff slithering around our garden this whole time?

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Benton snail bee serum high content essence, £20.70

If snail slime wasn’t strange enough for you, then this serum containing both snail goo and bee venom should do the trick. This serum hydrates and nourishes the skin, so you can expect a smoother, brighter complexion. Plus, it’s specially formulated to promote the formation of new skin cells and prevent damage to skin - where do we sign?

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Oh K! Cherry blossom hand cream, £7

This hand cream is so much more than a cute little panda pot; infused with Jojoba seed, Babassu oils and Cocoa seed butter, it deeply moisturises and hydrates to bring tired hands back to life. And it smells great.

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Skinfood - egg white pore mask, £6.87

We don’t know about you, but large pores are the bane of our life. Well help is at hand because this egg white pore mask certainly won’t leave you with egg on your face (geddit?). This penetrates deep into the pores removing pore-clogging oil and preventing those pesky blackheads.

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Oh K! Peeling foot mask, £8.50

More cute panda packaging (we’re not complaining) but it’s so much more than that. Feet are often neglected, but looking good in your flip flops is a big deal - and this peeling foot mask does exactly what is says on the tin, exfoliating to remove dead skin and reveal silky smooth tootsies.

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Oh K! Snail sheet mask, £8.50

Yep, it’s another snail inspired wonder product! This highly moisturising sheet mask is perfect if you’ve got seriously dry skin; Infused with naturally hydrating extracts, it delivers tired skin an SOS in just 20 mins.

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Wonder face cheese velvet phyto ferment moist cream, £48.09

Just when we thought cheese couldn’t get any better, it comes along in the form of face cream and we’re obsessed. Containing a unique blend of protein and cheese extract rich in vitamins A, B and E, this wonder cream tightens, tones and moisturises skin in a triple whammy that we need to get our cheese-loving paws on. Just don’t be tempted to eat it…

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Image credit: asos and Popsugar

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