Miracle beauty products that work while you sleep

Sleeping is definitely one of our all-time favourite activities. In fact, we’re so committed to it that we’ve worked out how to combine it with our other favourite thing: beauty. And no, we’re not talking regular beauty sleep.

Our skin works really hard during the night; it enters ‘recovery mode’ where it repairs and regenerates. It also becomes more porous at night, meaning overnight beauty products can be absorbed better and are more effective.

We’ve found 10 of the best overnight beauty products which will turn you into a Sleeping Beauty IRL. From skincare to nail treatments, we’re taking our beauty sleep to the next level.

bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment, £46

Putting powder on your face before sleep might seem like the last thing you should be doing, but hear us out. This unique, clear mineral powder is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of imperfections, pores and uneven texture while you sleep. Infused with Indian gooseberry which boosts luminosity and Ectoin which promotes younger-looking skin, it’s a double threat. Plus, it won’t leave any marks on your pillow.

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Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Overnight Perfector, £30

Want shinier, more manageable hair all week? Of course you do. Luckily this products promises just that. It’s infused with Living Proof’s Healthy Hair Molecule as well as time-release conditioners which are super hydrating for dry hair. Comb 2-3 pumps through damp hair before bed and wake up to perfect, luscious locks which last for up to 5 shampoos.

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Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter, £23.50

Any product loved by a Kardashian is a win in our books, and this one has been endorsed by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. The award-winning Tummy Rub Butter is perfect for mums-to-be, it increases skin’s elasticity which helps to minimise stretch marks during and after pregnancy; but you don’t have to be pregnant to use it. Made with organic shea butter, vitamin E and argan, coconut, avocado, sweet almond and rosehip oils, it has no parabens or other nasties in it. Apply twice daily to boobs, bum and tum and wake up to soft and supple skin.

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Eyeko Eye Boost Serum, £40

Say goodbye to tired and dehydrated eyes, this eye serum delivers a ‘turbo-charged’ hit of caffeine, vitamin B, hyaluronic acid and red algae which reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. The best bit? It has an in-built vibrating tool which soothes skin and massages the serum into the skin.

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Sally Hansen Gel Rehab, £9.85

Nails deserve beauty sleep too! If you’ve been overdoing the Shellac and your nails are in need of some serious TLC, this product is for you. It helps repair gel-damaged nails between manicures with a combination of multivitamins and Overnight Renewal Complex. It promises healthier looking, repaired and more resilient nails within 3 nights, simply apply before bed and wash off in the morning.

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James Read Sleep Mask Tan, £35

Get a two-weeks-in-the-Bahamas tan and hydrate your skin at the same time - while you sleep! Infused with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and algae extract this mask hydrates and moisturises skin, ensuring your tan lasts longer and fades evenly. It dries super fast meaning you can get straight into bed and it won’t transfer onto bedding. Use every night to build up a naturally sun-kissed colour.

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Mio Skincare Shrink to Fit cellulite smoother, £29.50

If cellulite is the bane of your existence you’ll be pleased to know we’ve found a way to reduce it without hitting the gym; Khloe Kardashian is even rumoured to be a fan. It contains cellulite-blasting ingredients such as Adiposlim, green tea, coffee arabica seed oil and shea butter which help reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel skin’ as well as leaving skin soft and supple. Massage into skin with Mio’s targeted technique for 30 days to see a difference.

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, £45

Sunday Riley skincare is loved by the A-list, with fans such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham. The Luna sleeping oil has an advanced-retinoid formula which reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping to tackle issues such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It works by encouraging cells to repair, making skin more radiant and elastic erasing signs of damage from the sun, time and everyday pollutants. It might have a hefty price tag but you only need two drops a night, so it’ll last you ages.

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Oh K! Nourishment Overnight Sleep Mask, £7.50

Inspired by K-beauty, this mask packs a serious punch when it comes to hydrating dry skin. If your skin is feeling a little stale and unloved, this mask will nourish, soften and hydrate it like a dream. Apply as a mask after your usual skincare routine and leave on overnight to wake up to beautifully soft skin; plus, it has 5-6 uses in it so works out to be just over £1 per use. A small price to pay for glowing, baby-soft skin.

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Talika Lipocils Expert, £39

Who doesn’t want long, fluttery, Disney-like lashes? If you can’t be bothered with the hassle of lash extensions or applying fake lashes everyday, this lash serum is one to try. It promises an increase in lash length of 36% in just 30 days(!) as well as increasing natural lash curl, strengthening lashes and intensifying their colour. Paint along your lash line every night and prepare for the lashes of your dreams.

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Image: Breakfast at Tiffany's/Paramount Pictures

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