We only used Apple Pay for a day and this is what happened

We’re all well-aware of the benefits of contactless payments; there’s no faffing about with pin numbers and inserting cards, so checking-out has never been easier. Now, we love an easy life as much as the next gal, but contactless normally comes at a price, namely, the £30 limit.

However, shoppers can rejoice, because unlike other contactless payments, with Apple Pay you can say goodbye to the £30 limit!

So to test the joys that limitless spending can bring, our editor, Leila Glen, set up Apple Pay, left her purse at home for the day and went about her daily life; here’s what happened..

7.45am: I walk (hobble) out of the gym after my morning spin class. The waft of fresh bread coming from Waitrose is too tempting - I choose the biggest mixed olive roll and take it to the checkout. There’s a split second of despair as I realise I’ve just been to the gym and so haven’t got my purse on me, but I give myself an inner high-five when I remember I can use my iPhone to make the 50p purchase. I happily munch through my roll in the 1.5 minutes it takes me to get to my car. I’m liking this Apple Pay thing already.

8.30am: I’m staying at my boyfriends tonight so I'm armed with around 10 bags of stuff (naturally) and trying to battle my way through the tube station at rush hour. I’m relieved to simply touch my already-in-hand iPhone on to open the barriers rather than doing my usual dig-through-the-handbag-and-try-not-to-drop-other-said-bags dance.

9:10am: I get off the tube and spontaneously decide that as it’s Monday morning, I need a coconut milk coffee and green juice to balance out my less than healthy weekend. I walk to Starbucks and make a last-minute decision to sub the green juice for coconut water. I grab a banana and pay for my coconut water and coconut milk Americano at the till with a single touch of my iPhone. Walking to the office I realise I may have gone overboard on the coconut.

1.08pm: I walk past a fruit stall and notice a contactless symbol - I can’t resist picking up a huge punnet of strawberries for my afternoon snack.

1.15pm: It’s a nice day so I decide to walk the long way back to work; of course, a cute red dress in the window of Zara catches my eye. It was payday last week so I’m feeling flush - by the time I get to the checkout I’ve managed to pick up a slogan T-shirt and pair of hoop earrings on my travels. I drop £75.50 without blinking an eye and - of course - simply touch my iPhone on the card reader to pay. I silently thank the geniuses at Apple.

6.15pm: I go to meet a friend at a pub after work. I had planned to avoid cocktails until at least Thursday but it’s almost rude not to have one now I’m here...I get there first so go to the bar to grab drinks. I’m dubious about whether or not the pub will take Apple Pay (it looks like it hardly has electricity) but lucky for me I spot the contactless symbol, and we’re away!

8pm: My boyfriend has asked me to pick up string on the way home as he needs it for dinner (I didn’t ask). I pop into the nearby 24 hour Sainsbury’s, grab said string and a packet of on-offer raspberries for the walk home. I figure while I’m there I’ll pick up a couple of bottles of prosecco (also on offer) to take to a friend’s dinner party on Friday plus some ready-made lunches for the week. Before I know it I’ve got a basketful which is definitely going to come to more than £30. It’s not a problem though, as I pay at the self service checkout in one slick move using Apple Pay. Armed with string and prosecco, I make my way towards the tube.

8.09pm: I walk through the tube barriers and don’t think twice about touching my iPhone on the reader; it’s become second nature already.

8.34pm: I arrive home and realise I’ve gone an entire day without my purse - and I regret nothing (except maybe the double whammy of coconut for breakfast). It feels strange but liberating to have everything I need on my iPhone, including a means to pay for everything from food to an LRD. Apple Pay will be sticking around in my life, that’s for sure.

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