Update your autumn wardrobe
with these top tips and trends from Emma Willis

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With autumn now truly upon us, it’s time to swap those short sleeves and sandals for padded coats and chunky Chelsea boots. Whether you’re heading back to work, university or simply figuring out your next move, you might find yourself wanting to update your wardrobe with more autumn-appropriate pieces. 

But where to start? To help you decide which styles to select or shun, we’ve listed some trends and tips below with a little inspiration from the latest Emma Willis Collection with Next.

Featuring a neutral colour palette, classic cuts and heritage styles, the collection offers the perfect transition from summer to autumn and is available at intu centres across the country from the 24th September.

Our favourite autumn 2020 trends

Blend in with a neutral palette

Emma Willis for Next wearing roll neck jumper and jacket

Neutral palettes and natural tones are all the rage this autumn (think camels, tans and beiges) and are the perfect accompaniment to your work wardrobe. With many of us heading back to the office after months spent working from home, bringing that element of professionalism back into our daily dressing habits is important.

Thankfully, this is easy enough when you’re working with natural tones because they tend to look good when paired with most colours.

They’re also less daunting than brighter autumnal hues like reds and mustards. So if you tend to shy away from colour, neutral pieces that can be worn from season to season are a stylish avenue to explore.

Go bold with midnight black

Emma Willis X Next Black Chelsea Boots

If you’re keen to be bolder on your return to the office, why not go a little grungy? This autumn, it’s all about 90s-style midnight black, with long, floaty skirts and chunky Chelsea boots or Doc Marten’s to accompany.

Ever the autumn staple, black ankle boots are the golden ticket to “flexi-dressing” (that is, finding pieces of clothing that are appropriate for different occasions). Ankle boots certainly fit the bill, as they’re perfect for work commitments and evening engagements too, meaning you can go from day to night without a footwear change.  

Stay cosy in wide-leg trousers

Emma Willis X Next flared jeans

A style first seen in the 90s, wide leg trousers are on-trend this autumn. Ranging from super casual denim to dressier pin stripes, wide leg trousers are both work-appropriate and a comfortable choice for when you’re going about your daily routine.

Team them with pumps, trainers or dress them up with heels, depending on the look you’re going for. Breathable, versatile and allowing for plenty of movement, wide leg trousers are the perfect choice for days on the go.   

Feel nostalgic with heritage clothing

Emma Willis checked herringbone coat

Heritage-style clothing is back in full force this autumn, with the return to work for many of us signalling the need for a wardrobe switch-up.

As such, tweeds and checks are popular pattern choices. When paired appropriately with modern pieces, they’re less ‘old-timey’ and more ‘vintage chic’.

For your return to work, bag yourself a checked blazer or coat to see you through autumn and pair with plain tees underneath to avoid pattern clash.

Laze about in loungewear

Emma Willis X Next pink casualwear attire

With the nation having spent the bulk of the year at home, the loungewear trend shows no signs of letting up this autumn.

Opt for soft pieces that allow for maximum movement. Long sleeved tops and trousers will keep you feeling cosy and warm throughout the day – whether you’re working or pottering around the house. Invest in a few different loungewear sets so you’ve got a constant rotation of outfits to work with.

Three wardrobe tips for 2020

Emma Willis X Next long green puffa coat

1. Make comfort your priority

Ultimately, comfort should still be key when it comes to autumnwear. There’s no reason to say that your work wardrobe, for example, has to be shaken up with stiff shirts and toe-numbing heels. Make sure you’re selecting pieces that you’d be comfortable sitting around in for hours at a time; the more comfortable you are, the more productive you’ll be.

2. Invest in two different coats

They provide the finishing touch to every single outfit, so practicality and versatility are key. Ideally, you’ll want to invest in two; one that’s casual and another that’s dressy so as to cover all bases – from formal dinners out to seaside strolls. A checked coat is the ultimate go-to for work commitments or days when you want to look a little more formal, while a thick, padded jacket is great for making the transition from autumn to winter. Invest in both of these and you’ll be sorted for the next two seasons.

3. Figure out what works for you when you WFH

If you’re working from home a lot, autumn is a good time to reassess how you like to dress when working. For example, some people like to get dressed for work (even if they’re only commuting from bed to desk) while others are more than happy to stay in their pyjamas all day. It’s worth thinking about which group you fall into, so that you can be as productive as possible when working from home.

Shop the Emma Willis Collection for Next online or in-store at intu Metrocentre, intu Eldon Square, intu Trafford Centre, intu Uxbridge, intu Lakeside, intu Victoria Centre, intu Watford and intu Braehead.