Lush launched 12 new bath bombs just in time for Christmas

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Guys, Lush just made Christmas come early because they’ve dropped not one, not two but 12(!) new bath bombs *praises the bath bomb gods*. To celebrate the opening of the world’s first Bath Bomb concept shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, a two-floor store dedicated entirely to bath bombs (er, where was our invite?)  they’ve launched 12 new and exclusive vegan bath bombs chosen by the public.

The collection features new scents as well as classic fan favourites from the past like Honey I Washed The Kids and The Comforter. Every bath bomb is priced from £3.95 – £5.95 and are available online, and since it’s basically illegal to have a bath without a bath bomb, we’ll be buying at least two of each. But, you’d better be quick because they’re limited-edition so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

lush calavera bath bomb
Calavera bath bomb, £5.95
lush golden pear bath bomb
Golden Pear bath bomb, £5.95
lush honey i washed the kids bath bomb
Honey I Washed The Kids bath bomb, £3.95
lush marshmallow world bath bomb
Marshmallow World bath bomb, £5.95
lush melusine bath bomb
Melusine bath bomb, £5.95
lush tender is the night bath bomb
Tender is the Night bath bomb, £5.95
lush the comforter bath bomb
The Comforter bath bomb, £3.95
lush yog nog bath bomb
Yog Nog bath bomb, £5.95
lush yuzu cocoa bath bomb
Yuzu & Cocoa bath bomb, £3.95
lush blackberry bath bomb
Blackberry bath bomb, £3.95
lush so white bath bomb
So White bath bomb, £3.95
lush olive branch bath bomb
The Olive Branch bath bomb, £3.95

Images: Lush