We just found what Lush’s next big launch is and it’s game-changing

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We’re not ashamed to admit we are loyal to Lush. From their themed seasonal collections (Halloween anyone?) to their ‘naked’ plastic-free products (shower bombs away!), we’re constantly impressed with Lush’s innovative, and frankly super fun, approach to skincare.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always been curious how Lush products come to life – what crazy mind dreams up a fidget spinner bubble bar?! – so we did some Instagram lurking and found the man behind some of Lush’s most brilliant products, and probed him for info about their next big thing.

Meet this month’s Inside Source, Gary Shears, Product Inventor at Lush…

What exactly is the job of a Product Inventor at Lush?

In my opinion the role of a product inventor is creating beneficial products using ethically sourced materials and having lots of fun along the way.

What products are you most proud of inventing?

Products I am most proud of inventing are products that make an impact on reducing plastic consumption around the world. So basically any products that are ‘naked’, that really makes me proud. Especially if they turn out to be a hit with the customers.

What is the one Lush product you think everyone should own?

At the moment I think it should be one of the shampoo bars: They are amazing, plastic free, preservative free and you get more uses from a bar than you would a bottle, so it’s great value for money and you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

How is Lush helping with the global plastic crisis?

I think we play a big part really. Going back to the Shampoo bars, Mo Constantine invented these over 30 years ago. National Geographic recently published an article about the the shampoo bars, they have became an overnight sensation. However It’s a shame it has taken this long, but we are grateful people are starting to click on and reduce their plastic consumption.

What is the hardest product to formulate or get right every. single. time?

This would have to be the encapsulated shower gels called Atmospheres. They have been in development for over a year now and although they have recently launched in the UK they are still in development.

Can you give us a sneak peek at what Lush’s next big launch is?  

There is lots of innovation going on at the moment, we have a small but talented team of product inventors. I can’t give to much away but I am currently working on Lush’s own version of biodegradable wet wipes. Most wet wipes contain plastic fibres which can end up in our seas. According to water UK, wet wipes make up 93% of the material clogging British sewers. Causing around 3000,000 blockages and costing the water companies around £100 MILLION a year!