How to shop with confidence
this season

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Lockdown has gifted many of us with ‘new bodies’; some bigger and some smaller. Others have stayed the same size but become fitter, stronger and more toned. Whatever your body shape is, you can shop the new season with confidence. intu Lakeside’s personal stylist Carlene Noel shares her top tips for shopping post lockdown for the new season.

Carlene has been a stylist and personal shopper for 18 years and has run the Personal Stylist service at intu Lakeside for the past 5. years. The service has re-opened and is taking personal styling and shopping appointments. The Personal Stylist Lounge can be found on level 2 down Brompton Walk.

Tip 1: Know your body shape

Knowing which body shape you are is half the battle. When you understand your body shape you are more likely to select clothes which work for your shape, rather than against it. 

Stylist top tip: Choose garments witch follow the silhouette of your body; this way you know the piece will compliment your shape. For example, if you have a small waist chose a top or dress which nips in at the waist to accentuate your shape.

Tip 2: Be honest about your size

Be honest with yourself about your current size. Try on some of your pre-lockdown clothes to establish whether you have gained, lost or are the same size, then use this information as a guide when you are deciding what size to buy this season.

Stylist top tip: Remember that different brands fit differently so it is likely and very normal that you may be completely different sizes in different stores. Don’t be afraid to buy more than 1 size and return whichever one does not fit. Most stores are offering hassle-free refunds.

Tip 3: Establish your own style

Try and establish your own style personality. Use celebrities, friends and people you see as inspiration to create your own personal style. Try and understand why you like their style and then use those reasons to create your own look.

Stylist top tip: Trying new styles is the only way to establish whether something will work for you. There are many items that have no ‘hanger appeal’ however, on the right body shape, size, and personality that piece comes alive.

Tip 4: Wear your ‘right’ colours

I am a big fan of wearing your ‘right’ colours as they will provide the instant confidence boost you need. Make colour a priority when choosing an outfit from your wardrobe or shopping this season.

Stylist top tip: Inject colour into your wardrobe by learning which colours suit you for clothing and makeup. A bright lipstick is just as fun as a brightly coloured winter coat.

Tip 5: Remember to have fun

Shopping should be a fun, enjoyable and productive experience. It’s made harder when we do not understand our shapes, how the brands fit and when we try to wear things that suit other people. Learn about yourself first then experiment with trying different shapes, colours and styles to find your personal style.

Stylist top tip: Book a FREE Personal Styling session with Carlene and she will define your body shape, help you navigate the stores which have the best fit for you, work with you on your personal style and introduce you to new colours. Carlene is now taking bookings, email her at, call on 01708684351 or book here.