This is how to get a free face mask at Lush

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You know when you come to the end of your fave M.A.C (most probably Ruby Woo) lippie *sob* or reach the bottom of your favourite shampoo? Well, don’t even think about throwing them in the bin. No way, sister. Hold on to them and your beauty stash will create rewards.

We’re talking FREE products; we repeat FREE beauty products, and discounts galore. AND you’ll feel good about helping towards sustainability in the cosmetics industry, too. Want to know where you sign up ASAP? Here’s all you need to know.

Lush uses recycled packaging in the form of their iconic black pots and in order to make this possible they want your help. By bringing in your used pots they then get taken on the same trucks as the product deliveries to save on their carbon footprint (clever) and get made in to new pots. And in return, you get a free gift.

Donation amount: 5 clean used black pots
Where: In stores nationwide
What you do: Take in your collection of black pots to the till of your local store and they will take them from you and give you your free gift
What you get: A free face mask

Learn more here

4 more brands that reward you for recycling…


The make-up heroes we all love are committed to being more environmentally friendly, and as part of this they accept returns of their empty packaging. Collect your used beauty buys and M.A.C will be able to make them in to new products, and you’ll get a free lipstick in return. It’s a win-win situation!

Donation amount: 6 primary packaging containers
Where: In store and online
What you do: Take to your local beauty counter or fill out a form online
What you get: A free MAC lipstick of your choice

Learn more here


The cosmetic giants at Garnier are committed to sustainable, environmentally-friendly beauty and aim to reduce packaging, use more recycled packaging and encourage customers to recycle. They’ve partnered with Terracycle to help you recycle anything and everything from shampoo bottles to trickier items like toothpaste tubes and lids.

Donation amount: Any amount welcomed but the more the better
Where: Drop-off points all over the UK
What you do: Join TerraCycle for free, put all your beauty empties (doesn’t have to be Garnier) in a box, attach the free shipping label and take to your nearest drop off point who will deliver it to Terracycle
What you get: You will gain points for every donation. These can then be exchanged for a donation to a charity of your choice or recycled products at the Terracycle online shop.

Learn more here

& Other Stories

Scandi brand & Other Stories have got an incredible selection of beauty products from their iconic Fig Fiction range to candles, make-up and more, but they’re also committed to reducing their plastic waste with their recycling scheme. Bring back any empty products from their range in exchange for a discount voucher, they also have a textile recycling programme so no excuses needed!

Donation amount: One or more products
Where: In most UK and European stores
What you do: Take your recycling to the till-point in-store
What do you get:10% off voucher to be used off one purchase within three months

Learn more here


The cosmetic Queens have made us want to use their amazing products even more with a loyalty scheme that gives back. Save your empties and hand them in – Kiehl’s will get packaging they can reuse and you’ll get new cosmetics of your choice.

Donation amount: 10 empty full or travel size bottles.
Where: Stores nationwide
What you do: Return the packaging to your local store and you’ll receive a stamp on a loyalty card for each one
What you get: Pick a free travel collection product of your choice worth up to £9.50.

Learn more here

Image: Instagram @rottenottar

Written by Harriet Davey