Boots just dropped an entire Harry Potter beauty collection

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Harry Potter fans, hold onto your Hogwarts hats because we’ve just found out that Boots are launching the very first line of Harry Potter beauty products. There’s everything from a Golden Snitch bath bomb to colour changing lipsticks and Hogwarts house eyeshadow palettes, all inspired by Harry Potter, of course.

The collection starts from £6 for bath bombs and goes up to £20 for the Swish and Flick brush set;, it lands in Boots stores nationwide from 29 October and online from 27 October, but apparently there’s already a 22,000 person waiting list. Needless to say we’ll be delving into our Gringotts account to buy the whole lot.

Golden Snitch bath bomb, £6

golden snitch bath bomb

Slytherin bath bomb, £6

slytherin bath bomb

Gryffindor bath bomb, £6

gryffindor bath bomb

Ravenclaw bath bomb, £6

Ravenclaw bath bomb

Hufflepuff bath bomb, £6

hufflepuff bath bomb

Cauldron bath bomb, £6

cauldron bath bomb

Gryffindor eyeshadow palette, £12.50

gryffindor eyeshadow palette

Slytherin eyeshadow palette, £12.50

slytherin eyeshadow palette

Ravenclaw eyeshadow palette, £12.50

ravenclaw eyeshadow palette

Hufflepuff eyeshadow palette, £12.50

hufflepuff eyeshadow palette

Swish and flick brush set, £20

harry potter makeup brushes

Colour changing lipsticks, £10

harry potter lipsticks

House colours nail varnish, £12.50

harry potter nail varnish

Unicorn nail varnish, £16

unicorn nail varnish

Cosmetics purse in Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, £10 each

harry potter makeup bags

Hogwarts Houses hand cream, £10

hogwarts house hand creams

Hedwig hand cream, £10

hedwig hand cream

Lip balm in Hedwig, Scabbers and Crookshanks, £6 each

lip balms

Eye mask in Hedwig, Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter, £6 each

harry potter eye masks