This is how to get £5 off at H&M every time you shop

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What if we were to tell you your usual wardrobe clear out could earn you vouchers or discounts? Well, thanks to fashion brands including the likes of H&M, M&S and Levi’s (to name a few) aiming to be more sustainable and considering their environmental footprint, you can save as you shop. Guilt-free shopping? We’re sold!

Most of these recycling programs you probably will never have even heard about, but we’re here to help you help the environment and be rewarded doing so.

H&M is well known for being at the forefront of sustainable fashion on the high street, and their garment collecting service sticks by the mantra of: Rewear, Reuse and Recycle. Your donated textiles are sent to the nearest recycling plant and are either marketed as second hand or converted in to new products. Help H&M and they’ll help you with a cheeky voucher in return.

Donation amount:  A tote bag full of any brand, any condition clothes – even old socks and over-worn T-shirts count!
Where: Stores nationwide.
What you do: Show your bag to a staff member and drop it into the recycling box at the tills and you’ll get your reward in exchange.
What you get: £5 voucher to use on any purchase over £25.

Want to learn more? Click here.

4 more brands that reward you for recycling…


M&S partnered with Oxfam in 2008 and have since collected over 20 million items of clothing raising an amazing £16 million for the charity helping people in poverty all over the world. Oxfam will sell your donations in one of their stories, reuse in different countries or recycle the fibres to make new products. M&S encourage shoppers to hand over an item of old clothes for each new item they buy, so it’s all about exchanging your unwanted piece – your bulging wardrobe will thank you.

Donation amount:  There’s no maximum amount of clothing (including shoes, accessories, jewellery etc.) or home textiles (including cushions, towels, bedding etc.) that can be donated.
Where:  Most M&S and Oxfam stores nationwide.
What you do:  Take in your items and let staff know when you put them in the Shwop Drop boxes near the tills.
What you get: If you have a Sparks card you can get 50 points every time you donate. If you have an item of M&S clothing included you get a £5 voucher to use with any purchase over £35.

Want to learn more? See here.

& Other Stories

The Scandi brand has aimed to reduce its environmental footprint since day one, and they now take your old clothes (from any brand – yes, really!) and beauty packaging from their colour cosmetics, bath, body and skin care ranges. Textiles and beauty products are either recycled or made in to new raw materials.

Donation amount:  Bag of clothing (any condition welcome) or one or more empty beauty containers.
Where:  In most UK stores and throughout Europe.
What you do: Take to the till-point at your local shop.
What you get:  10% off voucher to be used off one purchase within three months.

Want to learn more? Click here.


As part of Levi’s ‘made of progress’ campaign to help towards making the denim brand more sustainable, they intend to care for people, and the planet with a recycling scheme. They aim to make recycling part of the norm for their customers and it’s time to listen up  – they give a discount code to those who take part.

Donation amount: Any amount of clean clothing and textiles welcomed.
Where: Participating stores nationwide.
What you do: Drop your unwanted clothes in to the Made of Progress collection boxes in store and notify staff to get reward.
What you get:  A 10% off voucher you can use against a full price item in store.

Want to learn more? Click here.


It’s the first app for recycling unwanted clothing and textiles and it’s here to make donating a whole lot easier. Their aim is to divert clothes from ending up in landfill and instead upcycle, recycle or reuse the materials. Note: it’s also free to download and includes free delivery, so no excuse.

Donation amount:Minimum of 10 items and only one delivery a week allowed to save on the carbon footprint.
Where:All over the UK.
What you do:Take a cardboard box or recycled bag of clothes with the free postage label from online at to one of the 20,000 drop off points to deliver to reGAIN.
What you get:  Discounts of between 10 and 25 percent can be used on lots of fashion sites including Boohoo, Missguided and Superdry.

Want to learn more? Click here.

Keep an eye out on ASOS, Zara and John Lewis as these are the brands that are trialling recycling schemes ready to launch soon. It’s all about saving the planet and money at the same time– it’s time to join the world of savvy sustainability.

Written by Harriet Davey