How to make a great Christmas Eve box

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The Christmas Eve box stormed onto the festive scene in 2017, and the trend has been going strong ever since. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned giver, we’ve compiled a guide to all things Christmas Eve box, from what they are to what to put in them…

What is a Christmas Eve box?

Thought to be born out of the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve, a Christmas Eve box is a small box of gifts exchanged between family members the night before Christmas. These are usually gifted to children – think of them as an early Christmas stocking – and are comprised of things like pajamas, hot chocolate, sweet treats and story books. 

How to put together the perfect Christmas Eve box

The box itself

There are lots of options for a Christmas Eve box – some more creative than others! If you’re feeling arty, a large shoebox with a neat lid works well; cover with festive wrapping paper or use Pinterest to inspire you with paints, gems, feathers and more. If decorating isn’t your bag, you can pick up a ready made box like this one from John Lewis & Partners.

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Eve Box, Red


A Christmas movie

Including a movie in your box is a clever way to get kiddies to wind down and sleep before the big day, rather than staying up all night waiting for Father Christmas. Choose an extra festive one for best results – we’d suggest a classic such as Elf or Miracle on 34th Street.

A Christmas book

Another sure fire way to get little’uns to sleep is a bedtime story. Following on the festive theme, why not go for a classic festive story like the Snowman? This means you’ll cut back on TV time too – bonus!

Sweet treats

A little chocolate never hurt anyone – especially at Christmas! With everything from Lindt chocolate Santas to Fererro Rocher, pop a sweet festive surprise in your Christmas Eve box and watch their faces light up.


Seeing as it’s Christmas, we can hazard a guess you’ll be spending a lot of time cosying up indoors wearing – of course – pajamas. Pop a pair in the box for the perfect Christmas Eve attire. There’s even matching pairs for families if you’re looking to get into the festive spirit and treat everyone!


They’ll love finding a bag of marshmallows in their box – and if you don’t finish them all at once, then simply save some for toasting throughout the rest of the festive period or add to seasonal hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

A hot drink is a festive staple, and we can’t think of anything better to warm us up on a cold Christmas eve than a sweet, steaming mug of liquid chocolate. Add marshmallows and you’re good to go.


Whilst your little ones are watching a Christmas film in their new pajamas drinking hot chocolate (see above) you’ll need something to keep their feet warm and toasty – enter new slippers!