Asda have launched the most over-the-top Christmas bedding

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Call us basic, but Christmas-themed homeware is kind of our jam. Is it a little kitsch? Yes. Is it over the top? Absolutely. Is it also a totally necessary purchase? YES! It seems that Asda have the same affinity for OTT Christmas decor too, as they’ve launched a bedding range that has ‘Christmas spirit’ written all over it.

After the brand noticed a spike for searches of “Christmas bedding” last year, they asked their Facebook followers what festive bedding they’d like to see, and the suggestions were on point. We’ve long been a fan of the brand’s super-affordable take on everything from clothing to accessories, but this festive range might just tip us over the edge.

Here is our pick of the amazing Christmas bedding you’ll soon become obsessed with…

Christmas sausage dogs

Whether you’re lucky enough to own a dachshund or can only dream of having one, this adorable sausage dog duvet set will declare your love for all to see. This adorable design comes in a variety of sizes, from single to super king, starting from just £10. 

Avo-Merry Christmas

It might not be the most original thing to say, but we’ll admit it: we adore avocados. This range includes a duvet cover with a cute cartoon print of everyone’s favourite fruit (or is it a vegetable?), and on the pillows, cartoonish avocados with Santa hats telling you to “Avo-Merry Christmas” (get it?).

Gingerbread Man

We’ll admit to being partial to a gingerbread man all year round, but this super festive gingerbread bedding will make you even more excited (and hungry?) for Christmas.

Pigs in Blankets

If you love pigs in blankets, take your obsession to a whole new level and show your affection for the Christmassy treat with this tongue-in-cheek piggy bedding.

Available now, starting from just £5, at Asda.