8 spooktacular products
from LUSH this Halloween

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Halloween has just got even spookier thanks to LUSH who have dropped a range of ghoulishly gorgeous limited edition bath bombs, soaps, bubble bars, shower gels and lip scrubs just for Halloween. The best bit is, they will all set you back less than £15!

Punkin pumpkin bath bomb £4.50

Punkin Pumpkin lush bath bomb

Watch this Halloween favourite glide round the surface, releasing bright, mood-enhancing citrus oils as it goes.

How to use: Run a bath, hop in and set your spirit free. While it gently fizzes and foams, pumpkin powder will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

How to store: Keep cool and dry to make the most of the cinnamon, orange and lime fragrance.

Toffee apple lip scrub, £6.50

Toffee Apple Lip Scrub from Lush

This ghoulishly gorgeous green apple and blood red sticky toffee, offers the sweetest pout around.

How to use: Scoop out a little of these sweet & sour layers onto your finger, buff your lips and lick off.

Ghost in the dark soap, £5

Ghost in the dark soap Lush

This ghost-shaped handmade soap is made with refreshing lemongrass and uplifting bergamot oils, and it even glows in the dark and will leave you with a ghostly glow.

How to use: No need to be afraid. Charge up in the light to chase away the monsters at night.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

How to store: Pop in a dish to dry between washes, use fresh for the best experience.

Boo! shower slime, £6

Boo shower slime from Lush

The boo! show slime is softening and exfoliating and made for fun, luxurious washes. Fragranced with the familiar herbaceous scent of Lord of Misrule.

How to use: Get a little messy before you get clean! Scoop into your hands and squidge, and when you’re ready to wash, lather up on wet skin and rinse off!

Bat art bath bomb, £4.50

Bat art bath bomb

Be spellbound by this bat bath bomb. Full of bath-art worthy surprises, deep glittery waters await with a fresh, herbal scent that lingers.

How to use: Run a bath and drop in to reveal a spectacle before you descend into the dark purple waters. The rosemary and sage scent of Junk perfume will cleanse your aura.

How to store: Keep cool and dry until ready to release this plastic-free Halloween bath bomb.

Monsters ball bath bomb, £5.50

Monsters ball pink bath bomb from Lush

This monstrously pink Halloween bath bomb, you’re ready for a ball. Full of uplifting neroli, toning olibanum, and cleansing lime oil.

How to use: Run your bath before dropping in this pink fiend. Blue explosions release as uplifting and refreshing lime and neroli scents fill the air.

How to store: Somewhere cool and dry (but maybe not under the bed!)

Very, very frightening shower gel, £12

very very frightening shower gel from Lush

Embrace your sweet side with this bold, uplifting shower gel. Containing fresh lemon and fig juice, it is palm oil and SLS free, plus it’s vegan!

How to use: Lather all over (including your hair) and get ready to sing rhapsodies as safflower infusion, plantain extract, and the finest essential oils surround you. Wash off thoroughly, leaving you soothed and balanced.

Bewitched bubble bar, £5.50

Bewitched bubble bar from Lush

This friendly feline will boost your luck with blackberry scented bubbles and plastic-free glitter. Perrrfect for packaging-free bathing.

How to use: For good omens and softening bubbles, crumble a little (or a lot) under running water before sinking into the mysteriously glittering depths.

How to store: Keep cool and dry until you are ready to feel grounded with olibanum oil.

Shop these spooktacular products at your local intu centre, although make sure you hurry before they sell out!