How to enjoy the mini
golf experience at home

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We are another week down into lockdown and all the colouring pencils have been used up and you’ve listened to every Disney soundtrack on repeat. The usual family days out and bonding experiences have come to a halt for several weeks now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of that fun into your living room (or garden!).

With just a few bits and bobs that you can find lying around the house, you can create your very own miniature golf course at home. A perfect way to improve your putting skills, ready to show off at your local intu soon.

Create your own crazy golf course

mini golf course with a club and ball

You can make the DIY mini-golf course by recycling and using some household items such as paper cups for the holes, shoelaces or strings to make tricky lanes, books for ramps and tin cans, pringle pots, empty cereal boxes, shoes and soft toys for obstacles. When it comes to sourcing golf clubs, why not get creative and use a broom, tennis racket or a long ruler for the club. You can make it as easy as hard as you like, just depends how competitive you’re feeling and how much space you have to play. We recommend playing outdoors, if you can, but no worries if not you can still play indoors, just clear some space for your course.

Keep track of the score with a scorecard

Mini Golf Scorecard

To create the authentic at home mini golf experience, you can download our score card to keep track of who gets a hole in one and who goes well over par. Why not decorate your scorecards to personalise them or nominate one person to keep tabs on the running total and who is going to nab the winning prize and full bragging rights.

Decide a winner’s prize

Little girl cheering at getting a hole in one at mini golf

To make your game extra competitive why not add in prizes to win around the course. It could be that if one of the family gets a hole in one on hole number 4, they win a yummy pizza dinner that week.

Decide what’s on the menu

Mini golf snack menu

A true mini golf experience is not complete without feasting on tasty treats as you make your way around the course, home-made nachos, popcorn, slices of pizza and pick ’n ’mix all work well. You can also quench your thirst with a selection of fresh juices, fizzy drinks or delicious milkshakes, Fill in and decorate this snack menu based on what you have available in the house, then nominate a family member to get the orders in and bring them to you on the course.

Mastered your very own insta-worthy mini golf course at home? Share your creations with us on Instagram & tag us on @intuofficial. Looking for more ways to bring the days out you’re missing to your own homes, why not follow our tips to re-creating your very own at-home cinema experience.