The ultimate cinema experience
to enjoy at home

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We know you’ll be missing being able to head to the cinema with the other-half to see a rom com or a family trip to see the latest Disney classic. So, what better way to keep yourself and the whole family entertained at home than to create a cinema day in at home. All that’s left for you to do is decide on a film, grab your favourite cinema snacks and immerse yourself in a movie.

Choosing the film

film credits and hand

Firstly, you will need to decide on a film, whether that’s watching your favourite on DVD or streaming a new release on Netflix, Disney+ or Now TV. Each member of the family will have their own top choice, so why not compile a list of everyone’s choices and then take a vote on which to watch, it will almost feel like you’re at the cinema trying to decide which new release to get a ticket for. You could even choose a few and make your own cinema listings for a few days or weeks and show a different movie each day. That way, the whole family can choose the one they want and saves any arguing over which one to watch!

Getting ready for the film with the ads

Cinema adverts and trailer

Who knew that one of the things we’d miss the most is the feeling of sinking into a comfortable cinema seat with our snacks and watching the ads roll whilst we wait for the film to start. Our friends over at Cineworld have put together a pre-reel playlist, and have even created one with trailers as well as one without so that you can play before your film starts, simply choose the playlist of your choice. Or better yet, why not make your own, you could even theme it to the film you’ve chosen to watch and have a different one for each cinema night.

Getting your ticket for the cinema showing

Cinema ticket

No cinema trip is complete without getting the tickets for the film showing so why not get the whole family involved with this one and create personalised tickets for your own at-home film viewing. Why not designate seats in the front room to different family members and have one of you check the tickets as everyone sits down to watch to really make it realistic. Have a go at creating your own tickets by printing off our template we have created for you.

Choosing the perfect cinema snacks

Popcorn overflowing from a bowl

With your at-home cinema viewing taking place soon, it’s time to grab your snack of choice ready to sit down for the film to start. Whether its usually popcorn, sweets, hotdog or a drink that you get at the cinema each member of the family can choose their favourite snack to enjoy as they watch the film. Why not even create a snack box for a delicious combination of all of them. If you’re missing your favourite Tango ice blasts from your cinema visits, Vue have come up with the perfect sweet alternative to make at home until you can get back to your cinema days out.


200ml full fat milk
300ml double cream
100g toffee popcorn


  1. Heat the milk and popcorn together until boiling
  2. Take off the heat and leave until cold
  3. Blend the cool milk and popcorn in a blender
  4. Add the cream to the blended milk mixture
  5. Whip the mixture using a hand whisk or machine if you have one
  6. Shake well and add to your fave beverage (or squirt directly into mouth)

Arranging the perfect cinema set up

Family on floor by sofa with cups of drink

Why not really get into the cinema experience and re-arrange your front room or lounge? Turn the lights off, move the sofas around to face the TV directly or even bring in other chairs from around the house to sit on and watch your film for the ultimate relaxing experience. You might as well go all out and feel like your back at your favourite cinema venue.

We would love to know what film you watched and see how your at home cinema experience went. Share your photos/ reviews with us over on our intu Facebook page.