How to recreate the bowling
experience at home

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Bowling is one of the most entertaining ways to have fun as a family, especially if you’re a little on the competitive side! Last week we showed you how to re-create the cinema day out at home but since we know how much you’re missing your days out; we’re going to show you how to re-create the ultimate bowling experience to enjoy at home. Our simple DIY bowling will keep the kids amused for hours. From the shoe station to the delicious diner snacks, we guarantee that this family bowling day in will be something you want to play time and time again.

Collecting your shoes from the shoe station

Bowling shoes stored in a row

One of the first things you do on your bowling day is collect your bowling shoes and from the moment you step into your bowling shoes, you know the game is on. Why not set up your own shoe station where the whole family can place their fluffy slippers and slip into their comfiest pair of trainers ready for action.

Getting your bowling pins and bowling ball ready

Bowling ball and shoes

You can create a set of bowling pins by recycling items you’ve already got in the house, this could be empty bottles, drink cans or perhaps even some Pringle tubes! Once you’ve gathered ten, it’s time to get creative. Get the kids to go all out in decorating the bowling pins using felt tips, paints, glitter, and sweet wrappers… anything colourful they can get their hands on. Or, for those who want to keep it a classic theme, cover your pins in white and add a couple of red strips to the top of them. Once decorated, test the pins out with your ball of choice. We recommend a tennis ball to make things trickier and more fun!

Line up the bowling lanes

Little girl and dad bowling in bowling alley

If you’re playing indoors, put some masking tape to the floor to line up the lanes or you could put some string down too if you don’t want to leave a mark. If you’re enjoying the game in the back garden, arrange some twigs neatly on the ground to be your lane markers. Depending on your level of competitiveness, create a wide lane for beginners and a narrow lane for those who are looking for more of a challenge!

Keep score

Bowling match scorecard

Who’s going to be the first to get a strike? Keep track on a scorecard which you can download off the Internet or just keep the scores jotted down a notepad, be sure to make some noise if you get a strike like they do at the bowling alley. Give yourselves a catchy nickname, it might even bring you some luck. The little ones might even want to bring a small mascot to help bring them some winner’s luck.

Organise a prize

Little boy with a hand made trophy

All you need is some basic materials and a good imagination, and you can fashion a winner’s trophy out of anything. Try gluing a paper cup onto the top of small cereal box and cut a couple handles out from cardboard to stick on the side. The magic is in the decoration. Why not cover your creation in tin foil, throw some bold colours on using paint, paper, sequins, buttons, ribbon, pipe cleaners, literally use your imagination and use anything you have in your craft box. Don’t forget to put a sticky label on it so you can add the name of the winner at the end of the game.

Decide what’s on the menu

Fruit Smoothie

Bowling is thirsty work, so you’ll need a drink or two to keep your energy going throughout the game. We don’t know about you, but our go-to snack when we’re at the bowling alley is hotdog, fries and a milkshake. Making a hotdog at home is easy enough to make, but if you’re looking for a healthy at-home version, switch the milkshake for a nutritious fruit smoothie, and the fries for thinly sliced vegetables (placed on some red & white gingham greaseproof paper, for that authentic diner vibe), and a dipping pot of delicious sour cream. For a treat the whole family can tuck in to, put some nachos in to a bowl and melt some grated cheese on top before adding a couple of dollops of homemade salsa and creamy guacamole. Yum!

Play some tunes whilst you play

CD on turntable playing music

To get the atmosphere pumping and the competitive buzz going, pop on a bowling playlist or why not make your own full of your favourite songs and press play when you’re ready for the game of bowling to start. Let the games begin and have fun.

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