15 simple ways to save literally thousands on your wedding

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Whether you’re arranging your wedding day for reals or just in your head (because it’s good to forward plan), these little hacks will save you literally thousands of pounds -which will come in seriously handy when purchasing your entirely new honeymoon wardrobe.

Read now, thank us later.

Don’t get hitched on a Saturday

Arguably the most popular day of the week, Saturday is a good’un as you’re guaranteed friends and family can attend. But this does mean that choosing it for your big day could set you back an extra couple of thousand. Instead, go for a Friday and milk your wedding weekend for even longer – just be sure to let guests know well in advance so that they can secure the day off work.

Get married just before wedding season begins

Wedding season begins late spring, but the weather can start picking up as early as March – so why not set your date a little earlier and get the nicer weather at a fraction of the cost?

Walk down the aisle in December for ready-made décor

Decorations may not sound like a huge expense, but it all adds up, and a party streamer won’t really cut it.  Flowers, table décor and fairy lights alone can come to a small fortune. Save yourself the bother and get married at Christmas where everything will already be fairy light central. Genius, we know.

Rent a party house

If a smaller, more intimate wedding is your thing then why not skip the venue altogether and rent a big old party house for you and your guests to dance the night away? Hire a caterer to whip up all your favourite foods, buy copious bottles of booze, provide a load of comfy furniture for perching and enjoy. This can also double up as a place for the bridal party to stay, trimming costs even further.

Hold your reception at a fancy restaurant

Having your wedding at a restaurant may sound like an expensive option but it’s actually surprisingly affordable. Instead of paying £1000 or more just to rent a space, going for the restaurant option means you’ll only need to buy the food and alcohol. The room, furniture, lighting, tablecloths, décor, silverware, plates, kitchen sink etc. will all be included, cutting not just costs but a whole load of stress too.

Have one signature cocktail

It’s no secret that flowing booze is a wedding element that many couples do not wish to scrimp on; but that doesn’t mean you can’t save on arguably the most expensive element of any wedding party. Having one signature cocktail is a fun way to add personality to your guests’ drinking experience, and it means you don’t need to provide a fully stocked bar. Double win!

Supermarkets are your friends

Did you know you could order flowers for the entire wedding from a supermarket for the price of just the bride’s bouquet at a florist? Mind. Blown. We also recommend buying a few simple cakes and fancy-ing them up; add your own edible glitter, marzipan shapes or even fresh flowers for a quirky cake with a difference.

Think outside the chicken/fish box

Chicken and fish for a wedding are not only expensive, they’re pretty dull. Some of our favourite quirky wedding meals have included a hog roast with homemade sides, fried chicken from a local restaurant and even a quirky baked potato bar with all of the toppings; salmon supreme who? Also Nandos now caters for up to 200 people, just saying…

Fake your cake (or skip it altogether)

Tiered cakes are crazy expensive, so save your pennies by cheating a little. Have your cake maker create a fake cardboard cake with a real top tier (the smallest layer) for cutting. Then have basic cakes in the back ready cut into slices to give to your guests – they’ll be none the wiser. Alternatively, skip the cake altogether; research has shown that after all the canapés, champagne and a three-course meal, people are too full for cake anyway.

Forgo bridesmaid bouquets

Instead of giving your bridesmaids flowers to walk down the aisle with, go for something a little different; you’ll impress guests and save money at the same time. Some ideas we had were paper lanterns, feathers, or for the seriously extra brides amongst you, why not have your bridesmaids carry their phones down the aisle to take snaps and selfies? The same goes for brides who don’t want to carry a traditional bouquet – it’s your day after all, so anything goes.

Shun the DJ and create your perfect wedding playlist

There’s nothing worse than a DJ who plays Puppy Love at your wedding. Avoid this potentially disastrous scenario by skipping the DJ and creating a playlist of your own favourite tunes; all you need is a sound system and a Spotify account.

Go for a white dress that isn’t specifically wedding

Flowy + fun 😍 Wedding dress by @galikarten #weddingdress #weddingchicks

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Engaged or not, we’ve all thought about our perfect wedding dress at some point. Carrie Bradshaw’s Vivienne Westwood showstopper was priced at a cool £11,255, but if you don’t have that kind of money (who does?) then don’t despair – you don’t have to splurge to get your wedding dress of dreams! Shop around for a white dress that you love, then have a seamstress (or handy friend) embellish it to make it one of a kind. Alternatively, high street wedding lines are popping up all over the place with ASOS and H&M, to name but a few, adding wedding wear to their repertoire. The dresses are so cute (and cheap) that you could probably buy two and have a mid-wedding outfit change for maximum bride sass.

Be credit card savvy

We’re absolutely not recommending spending money you don’t have, but if you can find a credit card with cash back and 0% APR then a great money saver is to use it to pay for catering/venue and then pay it off with wedding gift money. You’ll get cash back too, which is always a great post-wedding bonus.

Don’t go overboard

It’s easy to get carried away on your big day and order napkins with your faces on or a ‘hangover helper kit’ to take home (yep, it’s a real thing).  You probably don’t want people wiping their mouths on your face and guests are more than capable of getting their own coconut water and paracetamol the morning after, so save those pennies for a more worthy cause i.e. honeymoon bikinis.

Don’t tell your venue it’s a wedding

Rumour has it that when a venue so much as hears the word ‘wedding’ they double their prices. Try subtly avoiding telling your venue exactly what your celebration is and you could save some serious cash. Just don’t blame us if you get some funny looks from staff when turning up to what they thought was Grandma’s 90th in a wedding dress…