19 struggles every January birthday girl can relate too

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Your birthday should be the best day of the year, right? Well, not if your birthday is in January. If you’re a January baby you’ll know the struggles of having a birthday so close to Christmas; from the two-in-one Christmas/birthday presents to all of your friends doing Dry January, the struggle is real. You should just make like the Queen and have two birthdays.

Your birthday is always overshadowed by Christmas

Everyone, you included, is broke AF from Christmas

Everyone is being boring and doing Dry January. Snoozefest

Everyone is feeling sad/depressed/fat/poor/all of the above

You’re feeling sad/depressed/fat/poor/all of the above

Everyone’s on a detox and WILL NOT stop telling you about it

People try and roll your Christmas and birthday present into one. Don’t even try it

Everyone’s on a diet. Yawn

You have to wait a full 11 months now to get any more presents

You cannot face another hangover because you went too hard over the festive period

You can’t even face your own birthday cake because you overdid it on the cheeseboard/Lindors/Baileys/Yule Log/Mince Pies over Christmas

The weather is terrible and it’s cold and dark outside

You can forget a cute birthday outfit, you’ll need at least 12 layers to go outside in January. More ski wear than LBD

Everyone is partied out from NYE

You’re in real danger of receiving vouchers galore since everyone is completely shopped out

You’re either surrounded by Christmas decorations or the start of Valentine’s Day

Image: Twitter @j4ckmull

All the good TV is back so all anyone wants to do is stay in

Everyone is ill

Somehow everyone’s new year’s resolutions mean that they can’t go out and celebrate your birthday. Go figure

Image: Bridget Jones’s Baby/Universal Pictures